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The Truth About Witchcraft

Welcome! You probably think that witchcraft is all about death, hexes, evil, the devil, and so on, but its not, in fact, its not evil unless you make it.

Witchcraft was the first religion invented on the planet, and did NOT BELIEVE IN THE DEVIL OR HELL! NOR DO WE WORSHIP HIM EITHER! Witchcraft was the first religion ever made on the face of the earth, and we were healers, magick benders, and ones who were in tune with nature and called the 'wise ones'. Witchcraft was originated by the word wicce and was very innocent. Magick is not good nor evil, only you can make it the way you intend it to be. We would bend the ways of the universe with magick, meanwhile have it still very balanced, to fulfill our needs. There are many forms of magick, such as Druidic, Draconic, Alexandrian, Fae, etc. witchcraft shouldnt be meddled with, just in case you make a mistake, because magick can backfire if you did something wrong or evil.


Draconic Whitchcraft/Magick is the kind of magick where you involk/call a dragon to help you with your spells, rituals, and magickal uses. This kind of magick should not be dropped and picked back up again or meddled with, because, like I said, it will backfire and the dragons will be very annoyed with you and do something you wont like. when you call a dragon, be careful what you ask him/her to do, or else you might get more than what you wanted for(could be a good or bad thing, most likely a bad thing), and be sure t call the right dragon for the right purpose. If it was a ritual on a fire need, then you would call the Elemental Dragon of Fire-Fafnir, water ritual, elemental dragon of Water-Naelan, Air-Saylis, Earth-Grael, etc. I will be putting more information up on the elemental dragons, and others such as the dragon of chaos, balance, gaurdians, war, black/white, etc.

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