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Dragons are:

Welcome to Gaundaria! This site explains to you about magick/witchcraft and about dragons. Yes, dragons do exist, but not in physical form. They are merely spirits that live inside human bodies, and live in the astral realms, and sometimes do use magick. The people that have the dragon spirit in them usually call themselves dragonkin.

If you have a problem with this site, or dont think you'll like any of its contents, then feel free to leave. I dont accept and negativity, and if thats what you're looking for, you're in the wrong place.

Anyway, for all those that enjoy and believe in dragons and/or any other of the material on this site, feel free to take a look around. Also be notified that some of the sections are under construction still, so you may not get all of what you could be offerred later. Anyway, enjoy the island!

What's in...

Castle-message boards, astrology, dragon magick(BOS), informational**under construction**

Ancient Library-Informational

Lake-Info, Involk Naelan, Dragons of the Waters

Volcano-Fire Magick(BOS, intro), Involking Fafnir, Dragons of the Flames

Plains-under construction

Forest-Involking Grael, Elven/Fae Lore, elven message boards

Shade Mountain-BOS(darker workings), Alchemy Workshop

Just letting you know, there is ALOT under construction on this site, so you may not get all of what you want from certain sections. Dont worry, theres still lots to see:)

Ancient Library
Shady Mountain
Book of Shadows

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