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The Truth About Dragons

Here is what everyone is waiting for, the truth behind the "fantasy" dragon. The dragon has been known as a fairytail for long enough, so here comes the truth behind it all.

First of all, dragons are real. They may not exist in physical form, but they are there when you need them to be. They live in the astral realm, and in some very lucky human bodies, mostly sent there because they did something wrong, were cursed, or they wanted to.

Dragons exist in spiritual form only, but are still there, often checking up on the one they wish to guide or guard(like a gaurdian would). Dragons can be called upon by using magick to be friends, gaurdians, or just to help you in magickal workings.

Dargons themselves do magick, so they will make your magick work, faster, and be way more affective than normal, and dragons fly by using magick, so their wings are to steer, take off, and land. Dragons fire is natural, but can sometimes be water, acid, gas, or other things as well.

There you go, you now know the basics of a dragon, all you ned to know, almost. More about how to involk them is coming soon, so please check back soon.

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