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Cast a Dragon Circle

"Our Circle is a place where hearts and minds can meet and share in the wonder and empowerment of a living and loving Goddess. We are a coven of friends, but above all things we are Family. Our Love and our Magick binds us together and our Circle keeps us and nurtures us. We are blessed. Blessed Be!"

The Dragon Guardians are then invoked.


Mighty Dragon, Guardian of the realms of the East. Your tongue is a sharp sword, cutting with the knowledge of the arcane. Your spirit flows as graceful as a swift in flight. Purify us with truth. Blessed Be.


Mighty Dragon, Guardian of the realms of the South, your breath is aflame with the fires of inspiration and passion. Your spirit is searing and fervent. Purify us with Love. Blessed Be.


Mighty Dragon, Guardian of the realms of the West, your coils are the cleansing healing waves that nurture the soul. Your spirit lunges, leaps and splashes like a Talbot at play. Purify us with pulsing tides. Blessed Be.


Mighty Dragon, Guardian of the realms of the North, your talons run like roots into the earth, giving you infinite strength. Your spirit is substantial, hard and pure like a clear crystal. Purify us with persistant wisdom. Blessed Be.

Each of these Dragons has a secret name that they are also invoked with. A suggestion is that anyone using these invocations meditate to find an appropriate name for each Guardian and use it along with or instead of the words "Mighty Dragon".



I make thee now, circle of light,

Dragon strong with dragon might.

Within thy glowing orb shield us all,

A safe stronghold to meet those i call

Black dragon, red dragon, white dragon, grey

I call on thee; come ye that may.

Circle around and about

Inside and out

Protect from within

Or protect from without.

The circle is bound with dragon might,

Nothing may enter save love and light.

This circle is sealed, Dragons, do me heed!

Thus i speak and so mote it be.


Circle of might, dragon made,

Open are ye, thy light to fade.

Dragons, to thee i bid thanks and farewell.

Safe journey home. By the Lord and Lady do well.

This circle is done and now open.

Its light faded but never broken.

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