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Chaos Dragon Magick

Chaos dragons are quite unique themselves. They are one of the two of the balances in dragon magick, light dragons being the other half of the balance. if you were to use a light dragon and a chaos dragon together you'd get a wholly balanced outcome of your work. However, only using chaos dragon magick on its own has its own favour of outcomes, wether it be good or bad.

These dragons are mischeivious and hard to deal with, as with the type of magick that comes with it. Although, not all chaos magick is for bad or negative type uses. Most of this kind of magick is greatly attuned with fire magick, destruction, and contributes to big changes and turning around situations to your advantage, hence the name chaos magick. There are some positive energies that can come with it if you know what you are doing. I dont know what dragon chaos magick spells to give you, since if you are good enough to do advanced magick you should be good enough to make your own spells and rituals. *Remember: making your own spells will be more effective because you made it for a specific reason and the creativity of the spell will pinpoint what you had in mind for the outcome more prestigously.*

I'm still researching this area of magick and trying it myself so Ill have more info on this soon, so check back!

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