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Dragon Magick Book of Shadows

Here is your handy dandy Dragon Book of Shadows, which holds all the draconic spells and rituals I know.

Warning: This is a form of magick not intended for minors or begginers of magick. Some of the material can be very dangerous if you dont know what you are doing. If you think you can practice this type of magick just using these spells, then you should already be on the road to creating your own.

There might not be as many spells and rituals because this section is newely made like many other parts of this site, it will all be completed soon. Enjoy the spells!


Basic Dragon Ritual
Ritual of Blessing


Draconic Money Spell
Casting a Dragon Circle
Calling a dragon Friend
Asking Dragons to Heal
Dragon Protection
Attract a Dragon Companion

Other Dragon Magick

Chaos Dragon Magick
Light Dragon magick
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