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... To all the wonderful, honest, and kind-hearted Dorothy Stratten fans who visited this site for seven years.

Due to some very dishonest actions by a former member of my message board, I've made the easy but sentimental decision to close this website down.

It was the first of its kind on the web - an informational site about this lovely woman's life, work, and family; not simply a graphic photo site.

FOREVER DOROTHY was a labor of love I began the summer I turned 20 - the same age and season Dorothy herself left this plane.

If I had things to do over again, I would have run my website much differently. But... live and learn, as they say. My errors were unintentional, whereas the actions of a certain member of my former message board were intentional, and quite sneaky.

The good news is, all wrongs have finally been righted and this person will get no more free publicity here. :)

It was a great ride while it lasted, but Dorothy Ruth Hoogstraten herself is in a higher place, and these days quite frankly, here on my own plane, so am I.

So, I wish all the great fans out there well. I know there are many of you out there, how poorly represented on the web right now you may be.
It is my vision and dream that someone out there will step up to the plate someday and create an official Dorothy Stratten Memorial Site - preferrably her family, friends, and/or Mr. Hefner and Playboy.

Lots of Love, it's been wonderful.

Dorothy's loving fan forever,
Mar. 19, 2007

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