Vladimir Kulich

Vladimir as 'Buliwyf' in 'THE 13TH WARRIOR'.
"I am son to Hygleac - called Buliwyf.
We all know your worthy Lord. We come
on an errand to serve him."

  Buliwyf  Sound  File
from Two Warriors


Vladimir Kulich was born on July 14th 1956 in Prague, Czechoslovakia and began his training in acting at the State Theatre of Czechoslovakia, also learning to speak three other languages fluently (French, German, and English). He moved to Canada and immediately was cast in guest -starring television and feature roles. During this time, he also owned, operated, and was occasional guide for his white water rafting business located on the Chilliwack River. The 6'5" Kulich adds prowess and physical stature to his naturally strong presence on stage and screen. His most notable role to date was in Michael Crichton-John McTiernan's The 13th Warrior (1999), where he was cast as the noble Viking Leader, Buliwyf. He is currently living in California and has recently been cast as the bad guy "Josef" in the movie Silence, also starring Bruce Boxleitner, which has been completed. Although there will be no theater release, it is said that a deal with a video company is in the works for VHS and DVD distribution. Currently, Vladimir is starring as "The Beast" in the television series "Angel", and is having a great time playing the part.

Vladimir as 'Josef' in 'SILENCE'
Advance photo provided by "Queen of Swords"  from "SILENCE",
a Quantum Entertainment and Waldo West Productions film.


  1. Silence (2002) .... Josef
  2. Ground Zero (1999) .... Bateman
  3. The 13th Warrior (1999) .... Buliwyf
  4. Firestorm (1998) .... Karge
  5. Pandora's Clock (1996) (TV) .... Bad Guy
  6. Crash (1995) .... Floyd Bracco
  7. Decoy (1995) .... Daniel
  8. Deceptions II: Edge of Deception (1995) .... Allan Stadler
  9. Crackerjack (1994) .... Stephan
  10. Necronomicon (Part 2) (1994) .... Villager
  11. Red Scorpion 2 (1994) .... Hans
  12. The Big One: The Great Los Angeles Earthquake (1990)  
    (TV) .... William De Bruin          

Vladimir as 'Karge' in 'FIRESTORM'

Photo provided by Deb from "FIRESTORM"
~ a "" movie capture ~



  1. "Angel" (2002) playing "The Beast" in "Rain of Fire" (premiers Nov. 17th, 2002)
  2. "Seven Days" (1998) playing "Ivan" in "Sister's Keeper" (episode #2.7 1999)
  3. "The X Files" (1993) playing "Olafsson" in "Dod Kalm" (episode #2.19 1995)
  4. "M.A.N.T.I.S." (1994) playing "Liakos" in "Gloves Off" (episode #1.6 1994)
  5. "The Commish" (1991) playing "Otto" in "Adventures In The Skin Trade" (Part 2) (ep. #2.2 1992)
  6. "The Commish" (1991) playing "Otto" in "Adventures In The Skin Trade" (Part 1) (ep. #2.1 1992)
  7. "Highlander" (1992) playing "Pauling" in "Bad Day In Building A" (episode # 1.6 1992)
  8. "Booker" (1989) playing "Craven" in "Flat Out" (episode #1.7 1989)
  9. "MacGyver" (1985) playing "Mammon" in "Legend of the Holy Rose" (Part 2) (episode #5.2 1989)
  10. "Wiseguy" (1987) playing "Scarpo" in "Rightful Place, A" (episode # 3.1 1989)
  11. "MacGyver" (1985) playing "Mammon" in "Legend of the Holy Rose" (Part 1) (episode #5.1 1989)
  12. "MacGyver" (1985) playing "Hans Kreese" in "Fraternity of Thieves" (episode #4.10 1989)
  13. "Neon Rider" (1990) in "Dude" (Part 2) (episode #0.2 1989)
  14. "Neon Rider" (1990) in "Dude" (Part 1) (episode #0.1 1989)

Vladimir as 'Buliwyf' standing firm in 'THE 13TH WARRIOR'.
"Put your foot on it and stand!"
  Buliwyf  Sound  File
from Two Warriors

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