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DJ's Dork Dungeon

Begin your quest by clicking on the map of the world you wish to enter below. Or realize that the amount of time wasted on this site doesnít even equal a hundredth of the time Iíve wasted on D&D and laugh to yourself as you hit the little x in the upper right corner.

Hey kids, I'm updating again. Now that Dreamweaver is helping me out it should make this website stuff a lot easier. I mostly just uploaded pictures today, but check out Caitlin and Collosus too. I plan on updating tomorrow too, but then I am lazy.

-DJ 11/03

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10/03Horray for Eric's birthday, and horray for updating the site. Go to the broken arrow page and make a knowledge [local] check.

PS, if you guys have time, try to draw a picture of Eric's PC, Swift [or Aramel, if you really want]. Let's see, i think all we know is that he's a short human thief.

New content is coming, true believers! I just did the game part of making a dwarf in a Broken Arrow campaign, and I'd added an intro to he Hex of Kings page. I would've done more but Eric doesn't let me do work ::glares at Eric::

100403 -DJ