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Underneath the Arrow

Now it's time to build each arrow. Measure the blank
space, it should be about an 11 inch square but it may
not be perfect. Measure each blank space for the arrows
separately because they might not be all the same size.

Now cut a piece of peg board to fit under the brackets.
Cut 4 pieces of the MDF fiberboard for rails, lay the
wider side flat to support the arrow panel. Put screws
through the peg board into the rails so that the top of
the screws are flush with the peg board. I used 1 inch
black drywall phillips screws that fit perfectly in the
peg board holes. Pre-drill the holes because the screws
will split the MDF.

This is how the pad will look from underneath. The UP
and DOWN rails will run vertically. The LEFT and RIGHT
arrows will run horizontally. You could add more rails
for the center section for more strength in the center.
If you need to build your pad to accomodate more
weight, just add more rails to each peg board panel.