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Sheet Metal Attached to Lucite Panel

This is the underside view of an arrow with a 9 1/2 inch
square piece of sheet metal attached to a piece of lucite with
spray adhesive and duct tape. I rounded off the sheet metal
corners so that the screws going down through the brackets
don't touch the sheet metal. The lucite is 3/32 of an inch
thick. This piece will sit on top of the weatherstripping.
You will build 4 of these, one for the UP, DOWN, LEFT, and
RIGHT arrows. From the controller there will be 4 wires for
UP, DOWN, LEFT and RIGHT. Solder each of the wires to the
corner of the 4 sheet metal panels and cover the soldered
part with a few layers of duct tape. You should rough up the
corner with sandpaper to make the solder stick better. When
this panel is stepped on, it will complete the circuit with
the sheet metal on the peg board, and the weatherstripping
will push it back up. Measure each blank space separately
for the arrows and cut the lucite pieces to fit underneath
the brackets. The lucite pieces should be a little smaller
than 11 inches square. Probably about 10-3/4 inches square,
but they may not be all the same size for each arrow.