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DDR Pad with Back Section

I added a small back section to the pad for added
safety. It's made of 1 inch by 3 inch MDF fiberboard
that's 33 inches long wrapped in sheet metal that is
screwed together with a 1 inch by 2 inch piece of MDF
fiberboard that's also 33 inches long and with a 2
inch strip of peg board thats 33 inches long to make
to make it 1/8 higher than the pad. Even though the
backpiece is higher, you can't see the difference. But
you can feel the backpiece with your feet if you are
drifting too far backwards which makes it safer. If you
plan on adding the backpiece, then make your bottom
peg board 33 inches by 35 inches instead, so you can
connect the backpiece without the 2 inch strip of peg
board. I also used 4 long screws to go through the MDF
rail on the backpiece to the MDF rails on the pad.