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How well does the pad work?
1145 Max Combo

I took this picture to show that
all the arrows work perfectly.
This is a screenshot of 1145 Max
Combo for the following five songs

Can't Stop Fallin' In Love (Speed Mix)
Afronova Primeval
Broken My Heart
Matsuri Japan

Troubleshooting Questions

I am having trouble because I am frying my controllers?

Shorten the wire between the controller to the pad to less
than 8 feet long. The wire on my pad is only 6 feet long. You
can also try soldering the UP, DOWN, LEFT, and RIGHT wires
to the X, O, Triangle, and Square instead of the direction
buttons. Also another idea, that I have heard is to connect a
10k ohm resistor to the UP, DOWN, LEFT, and RIGHT arrow wires.

I used MDF for the rails and some holes are stripped

MDF strips easily, so pre-drill all the holes. Better yet
use some other cheap kind of wood like pine for the rails.
If you already stripped the holes, put some glue and
wood toothpicks into the hole, then screw in the screw.

Why am I getting double and triple hits for each step?

First isolate which arrow is causing the problem. You can check
this by testing each arrow during the menu. The problem is that
the contacts are touching when they shouldn't be or there is a
loose connection somewhere. Check to see if the wire soldered
to the corner of the 9 1/2 inch square piece of sheet metal is
making good contact. All of the bare wire has to be covered with
solder and be solid. Check the tape over the same connection
because sometimes a sharp solder point can poke through the tape
and make a connection with the sheet metal on lucite. Another
thing to check for is loose or frayed wires usually by the rails.
Make sure there's foam core in the corners under the brackets
and enough weatherstripping to keep the two pieces of sheet metal
apart. Also make sure the screws going through the brackets to the
MDF rails do not touch any of the sheet metal contacts.

Why am I getting BOOS when I know I'm hitting the step?

This problem is related to the double and triple hits problem.
If an arrow is flickering a little because it's making contact
when it shouldn't, then you will get BOOS because the arrow
will register a step when it flickers just before you step on it.

Why are there dead spots on the arrow that don't register a step?

The problem could be from double or triple hits for each
step (see above). Check the weatherstripping and move
the weatherstripping around if you isolate a dead spot.

How do you clean the pad?

The pad may get sticky from dirt, humidity or sweat
I spray some Pledge furniture polish onto a paper
towel and clean all the squares. The pad then becomes
slippery enough so that doing slides becomes real easy.