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Close Up of Arrow

You can use any kind of arrow graphics that you want. Just find
a graphic and sandwich it between the two pieces of lucite. It is
very important to use 3/32 inch thick lucite so that the arrow
panels and the non-arrow panels end up being the same height.

This arrow panel consists of from top to bottom :

Clear Lucite
Arrow Graphics
Clear Lucite with Sheet Metal glued to underside
Weatherstripping and Foam Core
Sheet Metal on Peg Board
MDF rails for support

The arrow panel sits underneath the brackets. You will have
to drill holes through the lucite and peg board and into the
MDF rails. Drill the holes through the lucite bigger than the
screws, so the screws can move freely to avoid cracking the
lucite. Make sure that the bracket screws do not touch the
9-1/2 inch sheet metal contacts, or it could cause a short.