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Staff Page

Here you can find the list of the people who are working their ass off, so you will like this site.

You'll see a list of names, with after them a date. The date will display when they have joined the staff. But if you click on the names, you'll get the page for that staffmember.

These pages will show you a lot of normal and regular things you can find on almost any site. But I've extended it a bit. You can see in what stage the stafmembers are. (For each thing you do, you get points, once you've got a lot of points you can do special things with it.) So you can see how high they are.

When you begin as a staffmember, you'll get a small part of the site which you'll have to take care of. And for each action, you can get points. Once you've got enough points you'll get a higher rank and are allowed to do some more with your own page. And you'll get control over a bigger part of the site.

This kind of RPG thing, makes it more fun, and I hope it will make sure all staffmembers will stay active.

Vegejor, the webmaster!

Vegejor 02-02-2003 (the beginning)
Gomar 02-02-2003 (The beginning)