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This is the link page!

Here you can see the links to all sorts off db, dbz, dbgt sites. There will be 2 sections: 1 banner section (where all the banners will come), and a text link section (here will all links come, wich doesn't have a banner, so they will become a text link.)

The sites won't stand random in line, but the first banner/text link, is the best site. This wil make it easier for the user (you!!!), to go to a good site. If you put the mous for a few seconds on the link, my comment will appear.

I'll give points for the site, and the site with the most point out 10 will be the highest ranked site. I'll give you a list with things how to earn points. For each points will stand a number with a P after it. It says that you can get .. Points for it.

I'll judge the sites, on a few points:

  • 3P - The first thing of a site, I'll see if you have a nice lay-out.
  • 2P - After that, I'll check if you've got much information.
  • 2P - Then the next thing I'll do, is check if you've got much media, and if you update a lot.
  • 1P - You can also gain another point by writing al your information, yourself.
  • 1P - Next thing for me, to do is watch how you treat the people, if your a nice webmaster.
  • 1P - Then, I'm going to be tough: if you've got no banner stuff and all, you'll get the last point. How less banner stuff you've got, the more point's you get here.

    If you want a banner on my site, MAIL me, with the subject LINK.

    Ok, then here will be the banner en text links.

    Banner Links: