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Help Needed

Help Needed!

I'm making a site, and I'm planning it to become really big and good, so I'll need quite a bit of help. I'll need people to write information, make html, and other stuff.

This is the staff I think I'll need:

  • 2 Webmasters (full)
  • 1 text writer (open)
  • 3 HTML and PHP writers (2 open)
  • 1 updater (open)
  • 3 rpg updaters (3 open)

    Webmasters: full
    You're the one, who's gonna advertise, supervise the site. Your the one, who'll say: "ok, that's good" and "oh no, get the fuck away with it". You're gonna make sure the staff will work co÷paretivly.

    Text writer: (open)
    You'll write episodes, the trainings places. You'll write most of the information about dbz that will be places on this site.

    HTML and PHP writers: (3 open)
    You're gonn write the pages, will make sure the links work, the lay-out is cool etc. etc. You're gonna be the people who will make the site able to operate. (You must know HTML, Javascript or PHP)

    Updater: (open)
    You will write on the main page all the news there's about this site. You'll also be in control about the news archive, were all old news will be placed.

    RPG staff: (3open)
    You'll create everything about the rpg, make the tutorials, place the rules, update the news about it. You'll do everything about it.

    You can imagine I can't do all these things by myself, so I'll need help. If you wanna help me, mail me HERE

    The webmasters