Here is what you came for the downloads! Enjoy!

Doom-Gaze's Diablo TrainerV1.09
Doom-Gaze's trainer kicks ass its the best one out there with import/export, pick up stuff from the ground, etc. It's a plus you have to have this one.
Diablo Hack 206
This is the best program for opening dat files, better than Doom Gaze.

Dat files
ArtemisV109 dat
This is the Artemis dat it's a pretty good one too, probably the best one out there, download now!
Ares Spell Book 1.09 dat
This spell book is full of nice surprises, its a pretty good dat made by Ares from dbd.
¸,.-·~•²°Ð⧰²•~·-.,¸ dat
The ¸,.-·~•²°Ð⧰²•~·-.,¸ is a dat compiled of some of the coolest hacks there are. This dat will soon be replaced with a better one packed with lots of antis and crashes. Enjoy this one its better than Artemis in a way!
~dbd~ Public dat V2
This is the new ~dbd~ clan public dat V2. It's a fresh new arrival. It's pretty good, best dat I've seen since Artemis'. This baby has an Ingame Editor its really cool, download it and see for yourself. One of my personal favorites.

2000 items
Here are 2000 items legit, Hacked, Uniques, you name it you got it.
VL Bot 1.04
A bot, you will need to get new hash files(a patched SC exe) it should work fine if you use a WC CDKEY though.
WinZip 8.1
You will need this program to open some of the files on the site once downloaded.

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