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Swindon/Marlborough D& D 3E/FR Site

Welcome to Swindon/ Marlborough's Unoffical D&D site.. I am one of Marlborough's Resident Dungeon Masters and I am here to welcome you to Marlboroughs D&D website a stock pile of all things D&D there will be pages for Character classes both Prestige and Normal as and when we create them.

My current level 3 character is a current rebirth of a Half-elf ranger who was based very VERY loosely on Minsc from Baldurs gate I used to have who was slain in the draconian wars that ravaged our lands...

Our other Dm and I have been playing as a team for Nay on 5 years and have now decided to create our own campaign world, which is what this site is all to do about.

As we grow and our adventures bring unseen before weapons and Creatures we will catalogue them here.

We are currently looking for new players within our area so if you'd like to be considered to join us......try mailing us at

Character Classes!

Our Weapons store.

Our gallery.


Our world history.

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