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These clothes are being modeled on a 24" plastic and a 28" cement goose.
I have marked the pictures what size goose it is
so that you can tell that with the 3" difference in some clothes that they would fit better on the cement goose.
When I make the clothes I try them on both goose's for fitting

You will note that all my lace on the dresses are usually double or triple colors.
I like the wide lace and will use them until I run out. They are hard to find.
I also have switched to putting ribbon on the straw hats for ties along with velcrow to help keep the hats on.


Due to my health I am no longer able to keep up with all the internet orders. I would like to thank all of you that have ordered from all over the states and Canada. I will still be selling goose clothes from our Wednesday Farmers Market so those that live close by can go there to buy .I have a lady running the booth there, When I can I do sew and send the clothes out there.

Also if you would like to see other goose clothes . I have got my sister making the goose clothes also and hers will be different than mine as she has a embroidery machine to make them fancier. Her web site is
so after seeing mine click on her site and see what she has. She lives in Ontario also at stoney Point

These are some samples of her work

A little note hear all my dresses that have arms usually have her hands clenched so that you can put a stuffed animal or a bunch of flowers in her hand.
You will note that I do use lots of wide lace and will do so until I no longer can find it.
You will notice each one with arms does have a bracelet on her arm.
The hats are straw with the same lace around the brim and a co-ordenating ribbon for ties and velcrow to keep the hat on.
These dresses are $20.00 each I also make them without arms. Some people dont want arms so I have started making them without arms.
(apparently some animals like to chew them up. The dresses without arms are $15.00.




on my 28" goose

This dress has a white background with all kinds of sport pictures like helmets, balls , bats etc. A sport for everyone. The trim is in a white and blue lace.

Price $20.00 plus S&H

#4 is on my 28" goose

This is a black dress with motercycle logos all over for the cycle buffs.

This is trimed in a narrow white lace. This dress dosent have arms but you may order it with arms if you wish. Some just want their dresses with no arms or sleeves.

Price $15.00 plus S&H $20.00 with arms


Mother Goose is in a navy blue dress with white geese running around on it. with lace at the bottom .
She has her hands clenched so that she could hold a stuffed animal. and it has lace on the sleeves and coller.
She has a white duster cap with lace, and it holds on with velcrow and ribon.
She also is wearing a white half apron trimed in lace.
and wearing a braclet on her arm.

Price is $20.00 plus S&H


This mother goose dress has a gathered skirt on the bodice and another gathered frill around the bottom.
Trimed in lace and braclet on her arm.
She also has a half apron with lace and a duster hat with lace.
Price is $20.00 plus S&H


She is wearing a red dress with bugs bunny's all over.
This dress has wide white lace with narow red lace inserted on the skirt, sleeves and coller and brim of straw hat.
Price &20.00 plus A&H


Hello clowns and ballons and clown cars on a white background.


Miss Muffet dress is white with nursery rhyms all over like miss muffet sitting under the tree eating her curds and way and 3 men in a tub etc. This dress has a gathere neckline with wide double lace of white and dusty rose. and a gathered frill at the bottom. She is wearing a straw bonnet with lace and a spider hanging down from the brim. (If you prefer I can glue the spider to the top of the hat) She is holdiing a small cerial bowl and spoon in her hands. Price is $20.00 plus S&H


This goose is wearing a pink bakini with dusty rose buterflies and wide double white and dusty rose lace she is wearing a peak for a sun hat and sunglasses. Price is $12.00 plus S&H


This goose is wearing a yellow bakini with wide lace and a straw hat with lace and wearing sunglases.Price $12.00 plus S&H.


This bakini is purple with wide lace and a purple hat with lace and also wearing sunglasses. Price $12.00 plus S&H


This bakini is white with red flowers and wearing a pink hat with white and pink lace. All the hats have velcro to hold on and ribbon. Price @12.00 plus S&H

#13 is on a 27" cement goose

This fisherman has blue denum pants and yellow shirt. A blue denum vest that has fleece lining. and a straw hat with fishing lure on it. and a fishing pole.If you wish a certain color of shirt let me know. I even have John Deere.

$20.00 US plus S&H







Price $20.00 cdn plus S&H

#19 Mrs. Clause

Mrs Clause has her hands clasped so that she can hold a stuffed animal. She is wearing a duster hat.

Price is $20.00 plus S&H

#20 is on a 24" plastic goose.

Santa is done in a red velour and trimed in white fur. Black belt.

$20.00 plus S&H

#22 is on my 28" goose

Price $20.00 Cdn plus S&H


This chef has white pants and a white jersy shirt with turle neck coller.
A white full apron and a chef hat held on with velcro
and a red scarf around neck.
He is holding a wooden spoon in his hand.

Price &20.00 plus S&H

#24 is on a plastic 24" goose

This farmer is wearing a yellow John Deere shirt and blue denim overalls. With a straw hat.

$20.00 Cdn plus S&H

#25 is on the 24" plastic goose

This farmer is wearing a green John Deere shirt with denim overalls and a straw hat.

$20.00 plus S&H




This is a christmas dress in blue with snowflakes.


This is a Haloween dress in orange with blck witches etc print. Black stand up coller with white lace . No arms Price $15.oo plus S&H


This goose is decked out in his camoflage 3 psc outfit ready to go hunting.The jacket has two pockets and 3 buttons down the front.

Price $20.00 plus S&H


Price $20.00 us Plus S&H





Pink dress with holly hobbies and no arms.

Pricer $16.00 plus S&H






#41 is on my 28" cement goose

This gold fur coat is a short gold crafty fur.

Price $20.00 plus S&H

#45 is on a 28" goose

This goose is dressed in a navy dress that has a boarder arround the skirt. A Straw hat with flowers on the brim. The color swatch beside the dress is a little bit lighter than the material but showes you the pattern.

Price is $20.00 plus S&H


This dress is in a dusty rose. It has Noah under a umbrella with the animals and clouds in the sky.

Price $20.00 plus S&H

#48 is on my 28" goose

This is Mrs. Clause in a truditional red dress trimed in white fur, but with a white lined cape. She is holding a stuffed animal in her clasped hands. She also has a duster cap trimed in lace.

Price is $25.00 plus S&H




This is a red and white hoodie with Canada and maple leaves on it. It has white fur around the face and the sleeves.It has 2 pockets.

Price $17.00 plus S&H>


This 28" cement goose is wearing a green spring coat of blanket material, and white coller and holding a dog on his leash.

Price is $25.00 plus S&H.


This 28" goose is wearing a med blue blanket material coat with a white coller and holding a leash.

Price is $20.00 plus S&H

This 28" goose is wearing a rose blanket material coat with two pockets and 3 buttons down the front. A pill box hat and holding a dog on her lease.The coat does not come with the dog but you may purchase it from Wal Mart. You have a choise of 4 diferent dogs. there.

Price is $20.00 plus S&H without the dog.

This 28" goose is wearing a pink coat like above

This is the 28" goose with a mauve coat like above.







This goose is wearing a turqoise blue dress with the skirt of oldfashioned girls playing dressup. Sleeves and coller are trimed in wide lace. She is wearing a straw hat with flowers, and turqoise sash and black curls. Her hands are claspted to hold a stuffed animal or flowers.

Price $20.00 plus S&H.



This colorfull dress of red and orange flowers is gathered at neck. The sleeves, pleated frill and hat sash are in a red pollyester cotton broadcloth. Wide white lace around the sleeves and neck. The pleated frill has a extra trim around the top. She has a straw hat with flowers and a red sash.

Price is $20.00 plus S&H





Brown paisley granny dress has a frill around the bottom. Wide white lace around the sleeves and neck. She has a paisley duster hat trimed in lace.

Price $15.00 plus S&H


24" to 28" goose

This goose is ready to go out on a plumbing job. He has a grey two psc suit and cap on. His jacket has two breast pockets and buttons down the front. He is holding a real plunger.

Price is $20.00 plus S&H

#74 on 28" goose

#75 on 28"goose

#76 on my 28" goose

#77 on my 28" goose

#78 on my 28" goose

#79 on my 28"goose

#80 on my 28" goose

#81 on my 28" goose



This goose is wearing a new Mrs Snowman outfit. It is made of fleece and has elastic arround the neck, waist and hem She is wearing a duster hat trimed in lace and holding a plastic snowflake.The second snowlady I have stuffed it with grocery plastic bags to make her look fatter like snowballs.Her buttons down the front are of the same plaid as the scarf.

Price $20.00 plus S&H


Goosie is all decked out for your xmass as your xmass tree. The tree is made of a green felt with a matalic fleck through it. It has a 25 bulb string of lights and a silver garland and small stars arround, and on the 4 branches are gold bells and on the top is a yellow felt star. I am makeing this tree with gold garland also. This is on my 28" goose but will also fit the 26" goose. If you only have a 24" goose I will make one to fit it. I plan on keeping both on hand.

Price $25.00 plus S&H


This goose is going to keep warm after those xmas outfits are gone and he will be nice and cosy. The jacket is made of a fleece with bear heads all over it. Like most of my goose clothes he has arms stuffed with fiberfill (this one has black "gloves" )so that when you wash the coat the arms hold their shape. His jacket has two pockets so that he can put his hands in to keep them warm. The hood has a white fur trim and he has a scarf that ties around his neck. The scarf and the bottom of the jacket are fringed. This is on my 28" goose but will fit a 24" to 27".Price is $17.00 plus S&H

# 86

This goose like #85 is ready for the winter in his burgandy fleece jacket which has flowers and buttons throughout it. hood has white fur trim around face. And a fringed scarf and fringe around the bottom.

Price $17.00 plus S&H


Price $20.00 plus S&H


Price $20.00 plus S&H


Price $20.00 plus S&H


Price $20.00 plus S&H


Price $20.00 plus S&H


Price $20.00 Plus S&H

#104 This is on my plastic 24" goose.

This elf has a 3 piece suit. It has bells and red pom poms hanging from the V. in the coller. Price $20.00 cdn plus S&H


Pictures at a craft show