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On the following pages:

You're going to see lots of links, and some personal stories about domestic violence.
This page is NOT made to be enjoyed, it is however made to be used as a tool, to help you get assistance if you or someone you know, is a victim of domestic violence.
If you or someone you know is a victim of ongoing domestic violence, then I BEG of you to get help now.

Use this information, print it out, hand copy it and give it to someone to hold for you, run don't walk, but RUN out of the house.
Do anything you have to do, but please get the help you know you need.
Please don't do it because I'm asking you to, but do it because you know as well as Pat and I and thousands of others, that you don't deserve to be victimzed ------ by anyone.


None of the links your going to see here, are my own.
All of them are made by the people who lived the stories, or know the victim(s) they speak of.
If you want to se anything in any of the pages youll see here, you MUST obtain the permission of the
person who made the page.
This page is made ONLY to help you ------- the victim to get help.
Should I learn that this page is being used for any other reason, like financial gain I will shut the page down IMMEDIATELY.

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