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(Original air date 01/15/68)


A Mexican revolutionary poses as an aristocrat to get a necklace
left with the Barkleys for safekeeping


Writer: Ken Pettus

Director: Paul Henreid

In a small Mexican town, the daughter of famous revolutionary Emilio Bastados, Miranda, (Barbara Luna) and her lover, Matteo Hollis, (Sherwood Price) are planning to raid the home of the eminent Don Ramone Monteja (Don Randolph) in order to retrieve the priceless Carlata necklace belonging to the people of Sonora. They receive last-minute information that Monteja intends to leave the quarter-of-a-million jewel with the Barkleys for safekeeping, thus playing havoc in the original plan.

At the ranch, Monteja informs the Barkley that he received word that the revolutionaries are aiming to steal the family heirloom and thereby requests to leave it in their possession for safekeeping.

On his way back to his ranch, Monteja is ambushed by Miranda and her brother Lazaro (Victor Millan) and taken back to their hideout for further questioning. There, Hollis proposes to keep the man as hostage and use him in their scheme to retrieve the necklace.


Days later, Miranda drives up to the Barkley ranch. She poses as Monteja's niece who's come for the necklace. She produces a letter written in Monteja's handwriting to prove her identity.

Once Nick and Heath authenticate the handwriting, they agree to accede to her request first thing Monday morning. They explain that such a priceless item could not be kept in a vulgar wall safe and instead, they opted to lock it in a vault at the Stockton bank. Given the circumstances, Miranda is faced with no other alternative than to accept their hospitality for the weekend, which pleases smitten Nick.


At night, Victoria watches in amazement as Nick fusses over the table arrangements for dinner. It's obvious he wants to make a good impression on the young aristocrat who's stolen his heart.

The next morning, after finding Miranda sleeping on the floor, Victoria shares with Nick her suspicions that the girl might be an impostor. Her table manners and general behavior is, in her opinion, uncharacteristic of an aristocrat, but Nick dismisses it as difficulty adjusting.


While the Barkleys attend church, Miranda rides out to the gang's hideout to inform them that she'll have the necklace tomorrow morning.

After church, Nick worries about Miranda's lateness and decides to look for her. Halfway to the shack, he is shocked to see her kissing a stranger.

Once Miranda and Hollis part, Nick rides ahead of the girl to surprise her. She remains evasive in her answers to his questions until he confesses to having caught her in that man's arms.


She takes off at full tilt. Nick quickly catches up with her when the horse throws her off after missing his jump over a fence.

At the ranch, she awakes in the middle of the night. Fighting her dizziness, she dons her clothes and sneaks out to the barn to saddle her horse, unaware that Nick is following her. She confides to being an anarchist who wants nothing more that justice for her people. She explains that the Carlata necklace was given to Monteja as a reward for betraying his country. She makes one last plea with Nick before she collapses.


The next morning, Miranda tries to needle Silas (Napoleon Whiting) into rebelling against the Barkleys for treating him like a slave. Nick applauds her speech, which enrages her to the point where she throws a fit and starts hurling things at him. They eventually fall into a heap on the bed where their contagious laughter melts into a tender kiss.


Later that night, an exhausted Nick returns home to find Miranda sleep on the settee. Gently he tries to remove the book clutched to her chest, but only succeeds in startling her awake.

Again, she makes one last attempt at convincing him to hand over the necklace by feeding him a sad account of her people's wretchedness. Nick assures her that he'd be more than willing to accede to her request if only the jewel was his to give. Instead he proposes that she forgets her foolish scheme and invites her to live with him at the ranch.

Miranda rides over to the gang's hideout to inform them of her decision to remain at the Barkley ranch. Hollis berates her for forsaking her people and for casting aside an item that is sure to make them rulers of the people. Shocked by Hollis's statement, Miranda accuses him of being an opportunistic mercenary. Hollis locks her up in a room and sends Lazaro to the ranch to deliver a message.


Lazaro informs the Barkleys that Hollis is willing to trade Miranda and Monteja for the necklace.

Nick shows up at the shack to make the trade. Hollis agrees to release Miranda and Monteja in exchange for Nick to insure his safe trip to the Mexican border.


As he steps down the stairs, Nick drops to the ground and whips out a small pistol concealed in his breast pocket. He swings on his heels and wings Hollis. The members of the gang all drop their weapons as the marshal (Michael Hinn) and his deputies ride up.


Miranda falls into Nick's arms and confesses that she is willing to turn a new leaf. She proves it by dropping her weapons onto the ground as she kisses him.

Later, Monteja is shocked to learn that Nick is giving the necklace to the marshal who in turn will give it to the Mexican counsel to return to its rightful owners. Nick bids a last farewell to Miranda who has chosen to pursue her noble cause down in Sonora.


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