Name: Brock Lesnar Height: 6'5" Weight: 295 lbs. From: Webbster, SD

Win/Loss/Draw Record Titles Held People Used People Mentioned Location of Roleplay OOC Comment
Singles = 1/1/0

Tag Team = 0/0/0

None....Yet Brock Lesnar, Paul Heyman Hulk Hogan, Inner Circle, Mike Awesome, Rock WCF Smackdown Arena Smackdown Roleplay #2



The WCF is just hours away from the last WCF Smackdown before the roster split and boy, what a great event it will be. They total attendance is 78, 000, which is amazing. Suddenly “Last Resort” hits and Brock Lesnar appears from the back with Paul Heyman. They walk out and flip off the fans.

[HEYMAN]: Woah, I tell ya’, Mike Awesome saying yes, was just a great thing. It not only made Brock more powerful, but it also made himself more powerful also. Because with that we joined the two more unstoppable forces in WCF History together to form an even more unstoppable force! Awesome, let’s just say you did a good job in saying yes. You wont be sorry. And I hope, Brock wont either. Now were both Inner Circle, and you gave me your ‘Awesome’ guarantee, and I hope that is honestly good enough, because if it is, you and Brock can turn this federations Tag Team division around 180 degrees, which is right around. This federations Tag Team division is nothing now, but with a little help from Brock and Awesome, it can be something. Brock, here…

[LESNAR]: Hulk Hogan, you can come out here all you want saying that you will beat me again, but in all reality everyone knows that ain’t gonna’ happen! You must be losing your mind old dude. First off, you side with some no good JABRONI, and say you will try to take on the Inner Circle, and secondly, you cone out here disrespect Vince Russo. Vince Russo, is not meant to be disrespected in anyone’s eyes. He is the savior of this federation. He will take one of the shows, in his case being Nitro. Now seeing as this is our last Smackdown as a whole federation, and Hulk, we are in the main event, I say we go out with a Bang. Now by Bang, I mean I totally beat you, than slam you on the mat with the Triple Powerbomb, leaving you to make a BANG on the Mat yourself! Hulk, you think I like the taste of defeat. Hulk, it doesn’t taste good, and tonight, I’ll show you exactly how bad it tastes, when I beat you to oblivion. There will be nothing left of you after I’m done. And you even have the audacity to say that when you beat me it was not a fluke or lucky pin, it was pure HULKAMANIA? What is that Crap? Hulkamania! I’ll show you exactly what Hulkamania really is tonight! Hulkamania is nothing but a load of monkey shit. You think the Inner Circle is crap, well Hulk, the Inner Circle isn’t. Hulkamania is truly crap. Hulk your right, you’ve fought big men, but I’m not like them. They are all pretty big. Some even Bigger than me, but I have brains. I DO have the knowledge Hulk, I DO. And tonight I’ll use it to whip your butt around this here damn ring. Oh, I can beat Hulkamania and I’ll just prove it to you tonight. And I know I’ve said this to you over and over, but I’m just stressing how importantly true it is! Hulk, and you said 20 thousand fans chant your name? Yeah, Right! Like there’s 20 thousand people who like you? Name even one! I bet you cant. Anyways, Hulk tonight you will be handed your ass on a silver platter when I beat you to a bloody pulp, where there is nothing left of you but blood and bones. So Hulk, here it goes… WATCHA’ GONNA’ DO BROTHER…? WHEN THE NEXT BIG THING, RUNS WILD ON YOU!

[HEYMAN]: Amen to That!

“Last Resort” Hits, as Brock Lesnar drops his microphone and holds the ropes open for Paul Heyman to walk out. He than walks out over the ropes, as all the fans are booing him. His strikes his thumb across his throat, and all the fans shut-up. Him and Heyman, then walk to the back, while a commercial for WCF Desire runs.