Name: Brock Lesnar Height: 6'5" Weight: 295 lbs. From: Webbster, SD

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None....Yet Brock Lesnar, Paul Heyman Hulk Hogan, Inner Circle, Mike Awesome WCF Smackdown Arena Smackdown Roleplay #1



The WCF all jacked up from Sunday Nights Backlash, and Monday Nights Raw, all settle down to see what some of the WCF Superstars have to say in regards to their matches at Backlash. They total attendance is 56, 000, which is not much but still amazing. Suddenly “Last Resort” hits and Brock Lesnar appears from the back with Paul Heyman. They walk out and flip off the fans.

[HEYMAN]: Well, Well, Well! Brock Lesnar cheated out of his first win! Anyways, on the other hand, something great happened last night! THE NEXT BIG THING, Brock Lesnar signed with the Inner Circle, doing nothing but adding more and more power to the group. Now I really don’t have much to say, but the Inner Circle is most defiantly the greatest stable ever to grace WCF, this side of the planet. And the Inner Circle will take over this damn federation! The Inner Circle comprises of the best wrestlers in this federation, and who’s gonna’ stop ‘em? No one! Now, me second point tonight, Is Mike Awesome, who is another member of the Inner Circle, and a stupendous wrestler. Now, Mike, Brock would be honored if you would become his Tag-Team Partner. Whaddaya’ Say, Buddy? Now as far as Brock’s Match with Hulk Hogan, We’ll Let Him Tell You…

[LESNAR]: Hulk Hogan, what you did to me Sunday Night, was indespicable. I deserved to win that match, but you somehow pulled it out of your ass and guess what? That made me even madder, because I am the NEXT BIG THING! I just don’t lose to 90-year old Geriatric freaks like you. Hulk, I made a mistake Sunday night. When I said I could beat you, oh no wait, I wasn’t wrong there, because Hulk I can beat you, as you could see tomorrow night, but the part I was wrong with was when I said Hulkamania was dead. You see, it isn’t. It’s inside every single fan, but tomorrow night that is going to stop, because I will kill Hulkamania for good. Once I get through with you Hulkamania will be finished forever, and I mean that. We’ve been issued a rematch, and that’s great because now I get a chance to injure your ass even more. You might have won the last match, but I sure as hell got the better end of the deal. I’d rather lose any day and kick your ass, than win by a hair! Hulk, I will kick you ass and still win tomorrow night. You can say what you want but in God’s name, who do you think you are? You’re an old nobody, who hardly shows up! You cant beat me! I let you win! And now, that I’m with the Inner Circle nothing is going to stop me from reaching the top of this federation! Nothing and No one! And if somebody thinks so, I’d like to see them just try, because I’ll honestly beat the living day lights out of them, so bad that they’ll cry to their mommas. And Hulk, that’s exactly what you’ll do! You’ll cry to your mo… wait, you 90, so theirs no way your mom could live that long, so she must be dead. Dead like I’ll make you. You guys can meet up when I kill you. Hulk, I don’t even know where you come off saying you can beat me. The first time, fluke, the second, no way, uh-uh, ain’t going to’ happen. You see I don’t care what happens in my matches now, because I’m approximately one week, I’ll have a world title shot, as stipulated in my contract signing with the Inner Circle. So Hulk, tomorrow night, will only be a practice for me, and if you do get chosen to come in the same federation as me, well then so be it, our feud will have ended, but as of now, it’s not, so that makes me want to kill you even more. Because if your on a different federation than me, I don’t get to fight you anymore, except maybe the occasion interfederation shows, which might be organized, but putting those aside, this may be the last time I get to fight you, beat you, and last but not least, hurt you, and fight you, beat you, and hurt you I will do! So Hulk, Let’s Get Ready…

[HEYMAN]: Amen to That!

“Last Resort” Hits, as Brock Lesnar drops his microphone and holds the ropes open for Paul Heyman to walk out. He than walks out over the ropes, as all the fans are booing him. His strikes his thumb across his throat, and all the fans shut-up. Him and Heyman, then walk to the back, while a commercial for WCF Desire runs.