Name: Brock Lesnar Height: 6'4" Weight: 295 lbs. From: Webster, S.D.

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None....yet Brock Lesnar, Paul Heyman and Jonathan Coachman Hulk Hogan Brock Lesnar's Locker Room Backlash Roleplay # 3


A commercial for the new Kia Sportage just gets through playing and we go to John Coachman awaiting in Brock Lesnarís Locker Room.

[COACH]: Hello everyone and welcome back to WCF Programming! I am Jonathan Coachman, reporting Live from outside the rookie monster Brock Lesnarís locker room. And fans, as you might already know, Brock has a big match coming up this Sunday at Backlash against none other than the man with red and yellow in his veins, Hulk Hogan! Folks, if you ask me, this is going to be quite a match! Letís see if we can talk to himÖ

The Coach knocks on the door four times, as Heyman opens the door. Heyman is wearing a pair of track pants and a Brock Lesnar T-Shirt, which is unusual since he usually wears a suit. Brock Lesnar is wearing a pair of Jeans, a cut off T-Shirt which says ďTURNING BADĒ on it. I wonder what that means? Paul promptly great Jonathan Coachman.

[HEYMAN]: Well hello, Jonathan! How is it going? Good I presume? Now what can we do for you?

[COACH]: I was Hoping to get to talk to Brock about his match at Backlash against Hulk Hog...

Paul Heyman slaps CoachmanÖ

[HEYMAN]: Donít Ever Say That Name Again! Brock Lesnar gets very upset when he hears that name, so donít say it again! Understood?

[COACH]: Y-Y-Y-esÖ Now, Paul, How had Brock prepared for this match?

[HEYMAN]: Okay, first of all, it isn't "Brock"'s "Mr. LesnarĒ. Iíve told you that before what donít you ever listen! My God, the people WCF will hire now-a-days! Anyways, Brock doesnít prepare! Brock doesnít need to prepare! Brocks got all he needs on him right now! His Muscles! And If Hulk Knows whatís best for him, he wont show up Sunday Night, at Backlash! Brock is the Next Big Thing, And God, Look At Him! Heís Not Big, Heís HUGE! Now, how can Hulk stand up to that? He cant! So thatís why were so sure weíre going to win! Itís that simple!

[COACH]: UmÖ Okay Paul, if you say so. But wont Hogan at least put up a fight against Brock. I mean after all, Brock only has one winÖ

[HEYMAN]: Jonathan! Are You Really Serious? Brock only has one win, because heís only fought one match! So heís undefeated! My God! Again! How stupid can one person really be! Now, Hogan he canít put up a fight against Brock! No one can! Not even you Jonathan! So donít make any sudden moves, or Iíll get Brock on your ass! Brock is the most promising superstar the WCF has ever seen, past, present, and future. Sure there will eventually be a guy who might be taller than Brock, but guess what? A lot of people are taller than Brock, but does that mean they are stronger? No! Look at Yokozuna, he was taller and heavier! He died because of that! God rest his soul in peaceÖ But you know, if Hogan wants to bring it, Weíll let him bring itÖ Weíll just prove itís his loss when he dies, and I ainít cleaning up all the blood up on the ring apron. Now, seeing as itís the first match, the Pay-Per-View might run a bit longer, because when Brock, Triple Powerbombs Hogan through the ring, it will take at least half and hour or more to fix the ring, so that might be badÖ

[COACH]: Heyman, Whatís next for Brock?

[HEYMAN]: First off, itís Paul, or Mr. Heyman, not just Heyman. Ok? Got it? Secondly, since there are rumors of a lethal lottery roster split taking place, Brock is trying to show his potential to get the Number One draft pick. Brock deserves that! He deserves to become the Number One draft pick. And when he is chosen, theyíll have no choice but to give him a title shot, and heíll win it dammit! I donít care who heís facing, Brock Lesnar will win it! Heís a monster, a real monster! And Jonathan, do you believe me, because if you donít Brock can show you a little preview of what he has in store for Hulk HoganÖ

[COACH]: NO, NO, No thanks. I-I-Iím F-f-f-ine. Yes, I believe you. Now, if I may speak to BrockÖ Brock, how do you feel about your match Sunday Night against Hulk HoÖ Oh yes, sorry, Iím not allowed to say that nameÖ

[LESNAR]: Jonathan. Sunday night, I will put Hulk Hoganís misery aside, and give him the beating of a lifetime! He will parish at the hands of Brock Lesnar. I will try to get that match done quickly, so that he has more time to receive medical attention. When I entered this federation there were certain men, whom I said I would demolish, and end their careers, and oddly enough, the first one on my list was not other than the so-called Real American, Hulk Hogan. And Sunday night, I will live up to my word, by making him feel pain! I will make him feel anguish! I will make him CRY! Yes, thatís it! I will make him cry like a little baby, which he is. Other than age wise that is. Then heís the total opposite, but In wrestling talent, he has as much talent as a piano, which has none. Hulk Hogan, will be no more after tomorrow, once I dispose of his lowly carcass. He has no ass. Hey that rhymes! Anyways, back to Mr. Geriatric. I will put him so far through the ring, he can have a pastery with the devil if he wants. Now, Hogan, Iím just saying since today is your last full day, use it to the best of your ability, because THE NEXT BIG THING IS GONNAí RUN WILD ON YOU!

[COACH]: Wow, some harsh words said.

[HEYMAN]: Well, Yes, they may be harsh words, but they are nothing but the truth, and can the truth really be harsh?

[COACH]: Well, I wouldnít of thought so, but with you and Brock, youíve managed to do it.

[HEYMAN]: Well, Jonathan, You take care, me and Brock are going to go shop for a tombstone. One that says the name HULK HOGAN!

Heyman takes off and Lesnar stares at Coachman for a second then walks off looking at him. Coachman swallows heavily and looks relieved as Lesnar leaves.

[COACH]: Well, there you have it. Brock Lesnar, said heíll beat Hulk Hogan, and with that look on his face I truly believe he is telling the truth, just like he did when he said heíll beat Scott Steiner.

The scene fades out and goes into a commercial for Upcoming Live WCF events which you donít want to miss!