Name: Brock Lesnar Height: 6'5" Weight: 295 lbs. From: Webbster, SD

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None....Yet Brock Lesnar, Paul Heyman Hulk Hogan, Scott Steiner WCF Smackdown Arena Backlash Roleplay #2



The WCF just finished going through a commercial about WCF Live Events with Jonathan Coachman, when all the lights shut and the letters BL show up on the WCF-tron! All the fans know what’s coming towards them and they are ready for total carnage! “Last Resort” by Papa Roach hits and all the fans rise and sort of nod their heads to the music. Every one knows just what’s about to happen. A spotlight shines right on the entrance way, as Paul Heyman and Brock Lesnar walk out sort of triumphantly. The lights all open and Paul Heyman grabs a microphone from one of the announcers…

[HEYMAN]: Well, Well, Well! It seems as if Brock, and myself are correct! We said that Scott Steiner would be demolished at the hands of Brock, and he was! Scott Steiner truly felt who was the Big Poppa in this occasion! And if anyone else ever doubts him, he’ll show you all, just the way he showed Scott Steiner. But, enough about Scott Steiner, and onto Brock’s next victim. Now, since Brock hasn’t been issued a match for Smackdown he has had a little time to think, and seeing as 4 days away, we thought we’d concentrate on one man only, and that man is Hulk Hogan! He challenged Brock about a week ago for Backlash, and Brock happily accepted, but now, what he did on Nitro made Brock mad! Very mad! Brock was fuming, from you coming out and leg dropping Brock. Like, what’s with that move? Is it supposed to hurt? ‘Cause believe you me, Brock wasn’t. He only got mad, and trust me, you don’t want to see Brock, when he is mad! Now, Hulk Hogan, you might still be a legend or superstar in others eyes, but to me and Brock, your nothing but a has-be… no wait… your nothing but a never-will-be. You might think your ass that but the fact of the matter is this, Brock is more then you will ever be, and I’m saying this to Hulk Hogan. You know Hulk, your Not Good. I Don’t know where the fans get the idea, that you’re a good wrestle, but your not. Hell, your tits are saggier than Mae Young’s!!! And that’s pretty saggy! Wow, man, Brock is going to kick your ass so bad, your great-grandchildren will feel it, and that’s how old you are, you DO have great grandchildren! Oh My God, Hulk, I still don’t know why you challenged Brock! Were you on Drugs, or something? Brock will rip off the skin on your arms! Right Brocky Boy?

[LESNAR]: That is correct, Mr. Heyman. When I entered into this federations I said that I wanted old specimens such as Hulk Hogan destroyed, and I wanted to be the one to do that! I said that Scott Steiner was the first rung of the ladder, and guess what Hulk? You’re the second! And believe me, if first is the worst, than second must be the best, and if you’re the best, I don’t know why this federation doesn’t just hand me the World title. Now, Hulk Hogan stats that he can beat me, but everyone know that this is false, because Hulk Hogan is nothing more than, Oh, how should I say it, oh yes, he’s nothing more than my personal Bitch! Hulk, I will eat you alive on Sunday, so even try to mess with me, your going down the drain! Now, I’m not much of a speaker, but I have written a poem to you. It is entitled, Hulk Hogan – Born: 1356 – Died: April 28, 2002. Oh Hulk Hogan, Me kicking your ass will be sweet, Hulk Hogan, I’ll twist your head into your feet, Hulk Hogan, everyone better say bye, Hulk Hogan, I’M GOING TO MAKE YOU DIE! Did’ya like that everybody? That was great, wasn’t it? I SAID WASN’T IT? Ok, that’s what I thought. Now Hulk, you’re finished on Backlash. I’d come out here and do one last interview if I were you, because Heaven Only Knows, that when I say one last interview, I MEAN LAST! Now Hulk, when I was growing up, I saw you wrestling and I said, I want to be the one who beats him, if he’s still alive, and look, it came true. Yeah, the part about being still alive came true too, but the main idea is the part about me beating you! And after Backlash, you wont be alive! TRUST IT! Or should I say, in the words of Kurt Angle, It’s True, It’s True! Now, Hulk, you’ve had your n.W.o in the past to protect you, and not even they could beat Brock Lesnar, because everyone knows I’m a monster! But Now, Hogan, your all alone, so it will make my match even sweeter! I’ll kick your ass even more this time! So Hogan, come Sunday, You’ll Be Messing With THE NEXT BIG THING…!!!

[HEYMAN]: Wow! Let’s Go Brock…

“Last Resort” Hits, as Brock Lesnar drops his microphone and holds the ropes open for Paul Heyman to walk out. He than walks out over the ropes, as all the fans are booing him. His strikes his thumb across his throat, and all the fans shut-up. Him and Heyman, then walk to the back, while a commercial for WCF Desire runs.