Name: Brock Lesnar Height: 6'5" Weight: 295 lbs. From: Webster, SD

Win/Loss/Draw Record Titles Held People Used People Mentioned Location of Roleplay OOC Comment
Singles = 12/4/0

Tag Team = 1/0/0

WCF World Champion (x2) (Current), WCF Tag-Team Champion Brock Lesnar, Michael Cole Mike Awesome, Chris Benoit, Shane McMahon, Chris Jericho WCF Smackdown Backstage Smackdown Roleplay # 1



*** The scene opens up with Brock Lesnar talking with Michael Cole in the backstage area… ***

[Michael Cole] Why Hello Brock Lesnar!

Hey Michael…

[Michael Cole] How are you doing today?

Yeah, I’m fine, what do you want?

[Michael Cole] I was just wondering if I could get a few words with you?

Um… fine… but make it quick…

[Michael Cole] Ok… can do!

Alright… start…

[Michael Cole] Ok, now your just coming off a HUGE win against Chris Benoit and Mike Awesome, and now you are the Undisputed World Champion for the second time in your World Championship Federation’s career! Has this affected you ability to wrestle, by making you even better?

Oh Yeah, for sure Michael! You see, me winning against Mike Awesome and Chris Benoit in the main event at WCF's last Pay-Per-View, Vengeance was a great win for me! I knew I was being a bit too over confident, because Chris Benoit, you know he is a great wrestler, but I felt that my over confidence helped me a lot because I think I scared the living day lights out of Chris Benoit and Mike Awesome, and if you add my wrestling skill to that, you have the perfect wrestler! Now, myself and Chris Benoit now have mutual respect for each other, but I know that wont stop him from trying to win back this World Title, and I don’t blame him because who doesn't want a piece of this title? Now, Mike Awesome stated about a week ago that he has respect for me too, and Mike, we were partners, I have respect for you as well, but I don’t want that to stop you from trying to win the World Title off me, because I like to accept every challenger who thinks they can mess with me!

[Michael Cole] Now, Vince Russo has hired you as his so-called Hitman to finish Shane McMahon and “Erase” him from the picture! Do you plan on doing this, and if so, how?

Hmm... I'm supposed to erase Shane McMahon from the picture... Well, yeah! I've been hired to do that, and that's what I am going to do! By Summerslam I plan on having Shane McMahon not be around! Shane McMahon has thought he was the boss of this federation since I came in this federation, and although he started it, it looks as if Vince Russo and my friend Stephanie McMahon are 75% owners of this company now, and there is nothing Shane McMahon can do about it except accept it and let my friends run the damn business! Shane, you just better watch your back because my plan to take you out, start's tonight! I'm not going to tell you what I'll do, because that will be just idiotic! Me telling what I'm going to do so you can prepare! What the hell is that, but Shane, just be aware, and watch you’re back!

[Michael Cole] Well, I know for a fact that you’ve seen the Smackdown fixtures for tonight, and you’ve been placed in a match with a former stable mate of yours, Chris Jericho! How do you feel about this match and do you have any comments about this match?

Ok, Look, Michael Cole, you Damn Right I have comments about this match! Now, Chris Jericho, the official Dominant Army member list, says you are still a member, but is this a fact? You haven't been around this place in a while? Why? Now, although myself and the Dominant Army have mutual respect, I don’t respect a guy like you who wont show his face around this federation! Jericho, this title around my waist, should be enough proof to you, that this isn't a cheep federation, because a TRUE athlete is holding the title, unlike other federations, where guys like Jerry Seinfeld are holding the title, so Jericho, you should be lucky that your not only employed in the same federation as me, but you were also my stable mate! Now, this is a non-title match-up, because the WCF knows you do not deserve a title shot! I can't believe Shane McMahon actually realized that, so it's going to be a shame for me to beat the living crap out of both Jericho and Shane McMahon, but I don’t care! I don’t really mind! Now Jericho, you have some funky wrestling attire, which some people might think your flamboyant in, but not me! I think your down right gay! Who wrestles in checkered white and black pants? It looks like your wearing a bunch of checkerboards put together! You must think your flamboyant too, because you think your the best, but again, I don’t call that being flamboyant, I call it because cocky, and if you recall me kicking the crap out of all my opponents who I thought were cocky, you'd be scared! Remember the King of The Ring tournament? I beat you in the second round of the tournament, and at that time I didn't even think you were that cocky, and we were EVEN in the same stable! I beat you when you were a stable mate, so what make you think I wont beat you when you are not? It just gives me more motivation to beat the living daylights out of you! Jericho, last time we met, I came out on top, and tonight, the same result will be upon us, when my hand is raised, you'll know exactly why the call my the NEXT BIG THING, and why I have this damn title around my waist! So Jericho, you just be aware, because you'll be taught a lesson you'll never forget by THE NEXT BIG THING!

[Michael Cole] Ok, thank-you Brock Lesnar…

Alright, Later Cole…

*** Brock Lesnar and Michael Cole shakes hands and walk off in the opposite direction… ***