Name: Brock Lesnar Height: 6'5" Weight: 295 lbs. From: Webster, SD

Win/Loss/Draw Record Titles Held People Used People Mentioned Location of Roleplay OOC Comment
Singles = 10/4/0

Tag Team = 1/0/0

WCF World Champion, WCF Tag-Team Champion Brock Lesnar Mike Awesome, Chris Benoit WCF Vengeance Arena Pay-Per-View Roleplay # 7



*** The Jackhammer sounds and out walks Brock Lesnar complete in wrestling attire and microphone in hand. Brock walks down to the ring, and shushes the crowd to speak…***

Ok, to start, I’m not going to be out here for long this time, because I have things to do! Well… Benoit… your right, it looks as if I didn’t come out here yesterday because I had more important things to do and talk about, and Chris, you know what… EVERYTHING is more important than a rug like yourself! Now Chris, you did defeat me to become the WCF World Champion, but guess what? I wasn’t trying. I’ll admit that! And it is solely my fault for not trying, so I’ll give you that crappy win for your record, but this time is gonna’ be a whole lot different! There is no way that I am losing this match! Oh yeah, you heard me, so Chris it’s gonna’ take a whole lot to beat me… infact it’s going to take more than you got buddy to beat me, so count your chances slim of beating The Next Big Thing! And about your confidence, I like you to have that, because then when I really lay on a thrashing, you’ll feel even more upset, and you could even cry for the whole world to see what a pussy willow you are! And Chris, you said Mike Awesome will not beat you again, and your dead Right! He wont… but the fact is… I WILL! You don’t have to worry about Mike Awesome, you have to worry about me! I Am your real fear, not some cheep ass 70’s guy wearing a blue suit! What’s he gonna’ do, that I possibly can’t double in pain? Nothing! So, just be aware of that when I kick the living crap out of you, and your busy worrying if Mike Awesome is getting caught In the rain or something! You say what have I done for this federation? Are you stupid… I MADE THE WCF WHAT IT IS! If it weren’t for me, the WCF would still be down, down, down into the rut it had dug themselves in before I arrived, but I did something miraculous! I made the viewers actually want to view! So Chris, that’s exactly what I did and besides that, I’ve laid out a few good ass whippings’, and I intend on dishing out two tonight for you and Mike Awesome! Chris, who respects Brock Lesnar? You say no one? I am respected by all for my strength…. Who fears Brock Lesnar? Hell, am I just hearing things or did you say no one again? EVERYONE FEARS BROCK LESNAR! Mike Awesome fears Brock Lesnar, and even Chris Benoit fears Brock Lesnar! So Chris, just get ready to be brought to school and taught a lesson by the NEXT BIG THING!

*** Brock Lesnar’s music hits, and Brock walks back to the back… ***