Name: Brock Lesnar Height: 6'5" Weight: 295 lbs. From: Webster, SD

Win/Loss/Draw Record Titles Held People Used People Mentioned Location of Roleplay OOC Comment
Singles = 10/4/0

Tag Team = 1/0/0

WCF World Champion, WCF Tag-Team Champion Brock Lesnar Mike Awesome, Chris Benoit On The WCF-Tron Pay-Per-View Roleplay # 6



*** The WCF-Tron lights up and show’s Brock Lesnar on it with a mad look on his face… ***

Woah, now I know I come out here a lot, but it just seems that there is a lot to cover, especially when your in a match with such prestige as the one I’m in! Did you know that it is a Triple Threat Undisputed Title Match with Mike Awesome taking on Chris Benoit taking on yours truly, Brock Lesnar in the main event on WCF Vengeance this Sunday, July 28, 2002! Ok, now Benoit, I saw you come out here again! What the hell do you keep doing coming out here to bore all these fans? They don’t deserve that! Like, come on, I know I’m not personally a fan favourite because of my actions, but I don’t think they deserve this, and especially with your cooking stories and such! What the hell was that all about? Chris, what in the name of God were you talking about! You just questioned your sanity there, you know buddy? And quite frankly, myself along with every other person now knows you are clinically mental! Now look, you can say the me or Mike wont be able to beat you, because you’ll be giving it your ass and when you do your Rabid, and you think being Rabid is going to bring the title home? Uh-uh! Chris, last time I checked, having a freaking infectious disease is not a good quality, and here you are flaunting it out! My god! Chris, your crazy, and I’ll have to knock that craziness out of you! And I intend on doing so Sunday Night! Yeah, Chris, you can focus 110 percent of your attention on Mike Awesome, but you know as well and I do, that it is in the wrong place! You should have your attention focused on me fully, because I will be the one to cover you for the 1…2…3! Not Mike Awesome, and you sure as hell wont be able to pin Mike Awesome, so let me just say that I AM your main concern! And I don’t know where’s your getting at when you say that Mike Awesome could be home taking Steroids, and I couldn’t care less about that, but I do get really, really mad when you said that I was the one taking Steroids! My God man, Chris, you seriously get jealous when someone is just a little bit bigger and a little big stronger than you, and now because I am a lot bigger than you, and a lot stronger than you I am accused of taking Steroids! Chris, is you remember, I was an NCAA champion, and taking any kind of illegal substance is… well ILLEGAL! Your such a dumbass! And yeah, Chris, you ARE talentless! You can’t hack it in the World of Professional Wrestling, let alone in the actual world! You can say that your technical all you want, but the fact is that tonight, when we get in the ring with each other, we’ll see who will be the one suffering! It’s not going to be me for sure… it might be Mike Awesome… but for sure, it’s going to be… YOU! That’s Right, YOU! And about the most prestige championship in the world… Nah, your no good to hold it. The people want to see someone who CAN ACTUALLY WRESTLE hold the championship, not some little monkey boy like you! And about your little baseball talk, I don’t care. Chris, you are like Baseball! You were the national hero/pastime (which for you would be Canada), until people actually realized YOU SUCK in 1993! Dammit! Chris, you will NOT walk out of the ring on Sunday Night as the Champion… I Will… So Buddy, Chris, Mike… I’m going to prove both of you’s WRONG…!!! Why? BECAUSE I AM THE NEXT BIG THING!!!!

*** The WCF-Tron shuts off… ***