Name: Brock Lesnar Height: 6'5" Weight: 295 lbs. From: Webster, SD

Win/Loss/Draw Record Titles Held People Used People Mentioned Location of Roleplay OOC Comment
Singles = 10/4/0

Tag Team = 1/0/0

WCF World Champion, WCF Tag-Team Champion Brock Lesnar Mike Awesome, Chris Benoit, Vince Russo The WCF Ring Pay-Per-View Roleplay # 5



*** Brock Lesnarís music hits as Brock Lesnar walks out and grabs the microphone ready to speakÖ ****

Wow, Iím really, really surprised Mike Awesome has decided to show his face again! WellÖ Awesome, what a mistake, because Iím going to deal with you the way I have been dealing with Benoit! Yeah, now you say me and Benoit are two of the toughest men to ever hold that title that is draped around your shoulderÖ well, your half right, when you say Brock Lesnar is one of the toughest men to hold the title draped around your shoulder, but to say Chris Benoit is one of the toughest men ever to hold the title, let alone saying Chris Benoit is tough is a mockery of the Undisputed championship! Chris Benoit didnít deserve to win it, and he deserved what he got when he faces you Mike, and although I might have Given the F-5 to you to, I did it to him off a ladder to end his crappy reign as champion! Yes, you call me quick, and you can also call Benoit quick, I donít care, but when your in the ring with Brock Lesnar, quickness means shit, and shit means Benoit and Awesome! And for you to call me a low down dirty player, I really donít care, because you know what I am a low down dirty player, and although I admit to it, I donít need to be one to win, unlike Chris Benoit! Thatís why I left the Dominant Army, to prove to you Mike Awesome, and to you Chris Benoit, and to you Vince Russo, and most importantly to you, the fans, that I, Brock Lesnar can win a title without the guidance of someone, and I will in fact do that! Oh my god, and now Awesome, you say I ride the coat tails of Vince Russo and Stephanie McMahon, when let alone, you were a member of the Inner Circle before myself! You joined to get popular, while I joined to make a name for myself and my stable! And I DID make a name for myself, winning the World Title, and for my stable, going over team ECWO_WCF in the war games match-up, but this man here, Mike Awesome didnít do anything! Now did you Mike? You got your ass beat down by Vince Russo and his crappy Inner Circle! Thatís rightÖ CRAPPY! It turned Crappy as soon as I left! You know Awesome, Iím going to say, congrats on you winning that title, but you did not deserve it! You did not deserve a title shot, and you sure as hell did not deserve to win the match! You owe it to me that you are the champion! If I hadnít have gotten involved into that match up, you would have lost it so easily in the Crippler Crossface, even though that move is so weak! And yeah, it does anger me to see you wear that belt, when it should rightfully be around my waist, not yours, so I am rather mad, but Iím going to take that anger and fuel it into aggression, and with that aggression, I am going to whoop your ass from left to right to left again of this here ring! And your right again, my success wont last forever, but all I know is that it will last a whole lot longer than yours will, because I am still a little rookie monster, while youíre a veteran wash-up! Now Mike, you respected me but more importantly you feared me, and yeah, respect is something you can throw out the window quicker than a neon light, but fearÖ fear is something that stays within a person forever, and you will be fearing me forever, and yes Iím big, just look at me, and Mike, I can never be too big for my own good! No matter what, my fame will do nothing but intoxicate me, and that intoxication makes me want to win, and win I shall do! I will continue to win for as long as I need, and I will get that precious title back from around your waist! Now Mike, if you remember correctly, not once did I turn MY back on YOU! I turned my back on Vince Russo and that stupid Inner Circle, but breaking our tag-team and losing one half of the tag-team championships was just a repercussion I had to accept to leave the clutches of Vince Russo! So Mike, I did not backstab youÖ that is until Nitro last week! And yeah, Mike, be honest, what would you rather have around your waist (and I know right now, you have both), but look, the World Title or the Tag-Team titles? Which is more satisfying to have around your waist? If you said the tag-team titles than you must have a brain tumors or something, because the correct answer is the Undisputed title! And so what, I joined Steph, and in Steph I not only made a life long friend, but look at her! Címon sheís the hottest chick youíve probably ever seen! And I could have had that, but I chose not to, and for her to remain my manager, instead of my asking to be her love bunny or whatever Mike or Chris, you two did with each other! And if you recall when I first arrived in World Championship Federation I noted that I, Brock Lesnar, would be starting on a ladder, on the first rung which was Scott Steiner, and after a couple more rungs, I took a huge leap to the top, and yes, Iíll agree, I was younger and I was not ready for the World Title, but I still did my best, and I won that damn title! And yeah Mike, you say ďas long as you have that title, I never will have itĒÖ well, guess what? Your right, because at Vengeance, I will Win the Title off you, and at no time will you have the title and I have it also, because once I win it, it will be no longer yours and solely around my waist, not yours anymore! At Vengeance, itís going to be one hell of a match, and yup, all Iím going to say is Awesome, you donít stand a chance in hell of winning the title! Now although I donít care about all the bullshit that your saying about Benoit and his love monkey Russo, but Benoit tell me that I need to have someone by my side to succeed, well, just look at him, he has his lips so far up Vince Russoís ass you can see them through Russoís eyes if you look! Thatís true what your saying though, youíve proven Chris Benoit wrong when you took away his tag-team title and his world title! The best title in each category for singles and doubles wrestling! So Mike AwesomeÖ Iím ReadyÖ Iíve Been ReadyÖ And Iíll Always Be ReadyÖ THAT IS A NEXT BIG THING GUARANTEE!

*** Brock Lesnarís music hits once again, as Brock drops the microphone and exits the ring ***