Name: Brock Lesnar Height: 6'5" Weight: 295 lbs. From: Minneapolis, Minnesota

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None....Yet Brock Lesnar, Paul Heyman Scott Steiner & Inner Circle WCF Nitro Arena Nitro Roleplay #2



The WCF just finished going through a commercial about Juicy Fruit, when all the lights shut and the letters BL show up on the WCF-tron! All the fans know whatís coming towards them and they are ready for the first actual glimpse of Brock Lesnar out side of his locker room. ďLast ResortĒ by Papa Roach hits and all the fans rise and sort of nod their heads to the music. Every one knows just whatís about to happen. A spotlight shines right on the entrance way, as Paul Heyman and Brock Lesnar walk out sort of triumphantly. The lights all open and Paul Heyman grabs a microphone from one of the announcersÖ

[HEYMAN]: Wow, I must admit, I didnít think Scott Steiner had the balls to show up, but I guess he does. Now Scott, everyone very well knows that you are a HUGE man, but come to think about it, So is Brock. Tonight will be the showdown between two of the biggest men in this federation. Iím saying Biggest, not tallest, but Biggest! And, Scotty, Brock is A lot Bigger than you! Brock is a Monster, and tonight this monster will break you into pieces. And when you think your going to kick my client, Brock Lesnarís ass, youíve got another thing coming. If you honestly think you can beat Brock, Think Again, Ďcause your going down! Brock will throw you down! Heíll throw you farther down than Hell! And Who are you, calling Brock Lesnar a second rate chump? Brock is a Champ, not a Chump. Youíre the chump Scotty, and Tonight, Brock will show you exactly what kind of chump you are! Youíre a losing Chump! Now, as far as the inner circle goes, I donít know what you have with them, and I donít care, but theyíre going toí be mighty pissed, because once Brock is done with you tonight, there will be nothing left for them to beat on. And you calling Brock a Scott Steiner WannaíBe? Brock is more than Scott Steiner was, is, and ever will be, so why would he want to be someone crapper than him, (which is everyone, by the way). Brock Lesnar, has been training for his whole life, and look what he has got to show for it! He is the most feared wrestler in WCF History! Right Brock?

[LESNAR]: That is correct, Mr. Heyman. No one wants to face me, and when they get stuck in a match with me, they talk like they can beat me, but everyone knows that, that is not true. Because no one can beat me. Iíve said it before, and Iíll say it again. I Am Unstoppable! And when you make fun of Mr. Heyman, by calling him Fat, and Bald Headed, you make him, mad, which makes me mad, and when I get into the ring when Iím mad, I finish you off in a matter of 10 seconds. You wont even have enough time to scream, before I break your neck. I am starting at the bottom Scott. You are the bottom. As Iíve stated before, you are like the bottom rung of a ladder, and I will work my way up demolishing you, and demolishing everyone in my path. If you think that youíre the big gun of this federation, look in the mirror, oh wait, no, youíll break it, and thatís seven years of bad luck. I know my rules, I am not stupid, but when you call me stupid, I get mad. You want respect? You have to earn your respect, and Scott, do it tonight. If you can beat me, I will respect you, but if you cantÖ Youíll See! Everyone is pissed off at me? Good! Thatís even better, because then theyíll challenge me and I will beat them to oblivion, where they cant see through their eyes anymore. Scott, I donít want to be like you! I donít like you, I never have, I never will! Get that through your thick skull, and yeah, it is thick, but tonight, with a couple punches, Iíll be sure to soften it! You think the rules are over? Yeah, they are, and they are also in my favour because rules arenít good. Iíve broken the rules many-a-time before, and I donít intend to follow them, so rules do nothing to me, and Iíll just show you that tonight. You, ending my career? If I had any sense of humor, Iíd laugh, but bring it to the ring tonight, and if you still feel that way, Iíll show you whose career will be endedÖ!!!

[HEYMAN]: Oh, Scotty, you better be Scared!

ďLast ResortĒ Hits, as Brock Lesnar drops his microphone and holds the ropes open for Paul Heyman to walk out. He than walks out over the ropes, as all the fans are booing him. His strikes his thumb across his throat, and all the fans shut-up. Him and Heyman, then walk to the back, while a commercial for Tomato V8 Splash runs.