Name: Brock Lesnar Height: 6'5" Weight: 295 lbs. From: Webster, SD

Win/Loss/Draw Record Titles Held People Used People Mentioned Location of Roleplay OOC Comment
Singles = 10/4/0

Tag Team = 1/0/0

WCF World Champion, WCF Tag-Team Champion Brock Lesnar, Stephanie McMahon Mike Awesome, Chris Benoit Karaoke Bar, Brock Locker Room Pay-Per-View Roleplay # 3



*** The scene opens up in a Karaoke bar, where Brock Lesnar is sitting down having a drink with Stephanie McMahon ***

Hey Steph, thanks for coming with me here, I just felt like I needed to hang out with someone and come back to reality, because it’s pretty intense for me now that I have the World Title match…

[Stephanie McMahon] Yeah, no problem. Why don’t you go up to go sing Karaoke?

Are you kidding? Me? Brock Lesnar go sing Karaoke? You must be more crazy than Chris Benoit!

[Stephanie McMahon] What? Than what’s the point of coming to a Karaoke bar?

Ok, look over there… You see that waitress… she’s why!

[Stephanie McMahon] Your so immature!

So… :-P

[Stephanie McMahon] Come on, Brock, the stage is empty, just go there and sing!


[Stephanie McMahon] Ok, Brock look, if you go there and sing that Karaoke, any song I want, when we get back to the arena, I’ll send an expensive Cameraman back to your locker room to record more comments about your match with Chris Benoit and Mike Awesome, for the World Title at Vengeance… ok?

Alright, fine, fine! You pulled my leg…

[Stephanie McMahon] Ok, you’ll sing my favourite song… Back To Your Heart by the Backstreet Boys!

Oh My God, NO!

[Stephanie McMahon] You said fine!

Alright, but I’m changing some of the words, ok?

[Stephanie McMahon] Ok, ok!

You want me to go now?

[Stephanie McMahon] No, In November! Of Course NOW!

Ok… but no making fun!

[Stephanie McMahon] I wont, I wont, I promise!


[Stephanie McMahon] Good Luck…

I need it…

*** Brock Lesnar moves his chair back, and goes to stand right up against the wall where the microphone and clicks in Back To Your Heart by the Backstreet Boys. He clears his throat as the music start… ***

Okay… here we go…

It's not that I can't live without it
It's just that I don't even want to try
Every night I dream about it
Ever since the day we said goodbye
If I wasn't such a fool
Right now I'd be holding you
There's nothin' that I wouldn't do
Baby if I only knew

The moves to use
The people to abuse
To find a way around my waist
What can I do
To get to you
And find a way around my waist

I don't know how it got so crazy
But I'll do anything to set things right
’Cause you make me so amazing
Baby you're the best thing in my life
Let me prove my strength is real
To make you come into my feel
I promise I would beat everyone
If only you would tell me what…

The moves to use
The people to abuse
To find a way around my waist
What can I do
To get to you
And find a way around my waist

Give me one more chance, to wear you around my waist
Cuz no one on this earth wants you like I do
Tell me...

The moves to use
The people to abuse
To find a way around my waist
What can I do
To get to you
And find a way around my waist

I turn back time
To make you mine
And find a way around my waist
I kick and punch
and Eat my Lunch
And find a way around my waist


*** The new scene after the commercial opens up with Brock Lesnar lifting weights in his locker room, when a knock on the door is heard. Brock Lesnar get’s up from his weights, and goes to open the door. A camera man comes in… ***

Hi, are you the Camera Man, Steph sent?

[Camera Man] Uh… yeah…

What so expensive about you?

[Camera Man] Nothing really… All Camera men are the same, she just said that to get me to sing…

That’ Stephanie is one sneaky girl…

[Camera Man] Yeah, ok, but look at her! I mean ROAR!

You can say that again!

[Camera Man] ROAR!

Ok, now let’s get this sh*t startes, ok?

[Camera Man] Fine… Okay, we’re ready to roll…

Ok, well, I just came out here again, because I still have a few things on my chest I would wish to address before out match, even though the match isn’t for two days, I just couldn’t wait, because this is probably the biggest match of my career yet, because I know that this match will make Brock Lesnar more then a household name like Mike Awesome and Chris Benoit, this match will make Brock Lesnar a legacy! Not like Manny Legace in the NHL, because I know some stupid canuck like Benoit and even Mike Awesome since he say’s he’s CANADIAN… ohhh! You guys might compare everything to your precious hockey, eh? What’s that all aboot? HaHa! Benoit I’ll turn your ass upside down, and shake you until all your damn childish milk money falls out, and with that money maybe I can buy you a friend! And Mike Awesome, my former Tag-Team partner, you just try to mess with such a great athlete like me, I’ll rip off your head and feed it to the dogs, and Benoit might want an ear, since he’s retarded and act’s like a rabid wolverine! HaHa! He act’s like a little doggie! What a loser! Haha! You need help Benoit, physical help ‘cause your one weak dog, and also Mental help, because you actually think you can beat me Sunday Night! Ha, what a joke! Now as you might have seen, I did a little karaoke singing and I’ve got another song I’d like to sing a little bit about… it’s a little song by a fellow named “Don MacLean”, and a lot of you might have heard it… It goes a little bit like this… “Bye, Bye Mike Awesome will sigh, Chris Benoit will get his head hit and spit in his eye, and both these guys will start to cry, singing Brock Lesnar made me die, Brock Lesnar made me die…” I hope you like it, that’s only a little sample of what I can do… no not the song, I’m not trying to promote a CD or anything, but the lyrics to the song are all examples of what I’ll do to you two faggots Sunday night during our match-up! So boys, you’ll have just be crushed by THE NEXT BIG THING!

*** With that being said, Brock Lesnar says farewell to the camera man, and goes back to continue lifting his weights… ***