Name: Brock Lesnar Height: 6'5" Weight: 295 lbs. From: Webster, SD

Win/Loss/Draw Record Titles Held People Used People Mentioned Location of Roleplay OOC Comment
Singles = 10/4/0

Tag Team = 1/0/0

WCF World Champion, WCF Tag-Team Champion Brock Lesnar Mike Awesome, Chris Benoit, Vince Russo WCF Backstage Area Pay-Per-View Roleplay # 2



***A Cameraman is walking down the hall asking various WCF superstars if they would like to record there comments about the WCF Vengeance Card that was just recently announced. The Cameraman walks up to Brock Lesnar and Brock solemnly aggress to be filmed about his comments… ***

Chris Benoit… don’t you ever learn? Don’t you ever learn that running your mouth does nothing but anger the fu*k out of me? You just keep on talking and talking and talking, but all these fans hear is “blah…blah…blah…”! I mean dammit, Benoit, if your going to sit backstage getting camera men to listen to you bore people, at least say stuff, instead of unleashing a load of bullshit like you’ve just been doing! So, I’m going to comment on that load of horse crap that you just came out and blabbered on about and about! Now you think that I am too afraid to show my face around here, and you are surprised because of that? I don’t know why, considering I am Brock Lesnar, and you of all people should know that Brock Lesnar is not scared of anyone or anything! Now you think I might not show up Sunday Night at the Pay-Per-View? What? Are you ripped? And miss a chance to win the Undisputed off your and Mike Awesome’s slimy asses! There ain’t a chance in hell that I would miss an opportunity of such great value to myself! Now Chris, you can talk about your plan this and your plan that, a tisket a tasket, I don’t give a flying fu*k about your plan! The only plan you have to know is my plan to kick the living crap out of you, and get that title and put it around my waist, not yours or Mike Awesome’s, Mine! Yeah, that’s right! You can say that you let Mike Awesome win so you could fight him at Vengeance and win the Undisputed title back, but no, you didn’t let Mike Awesome win. When I F-5’ed both your asses, you were both out cold, so whoever won the match won it, and who ever lost it… they didn’t LET the other person win, and for you thinking that, it’s bull shit, because you can make up excuses all you want, but I’ll show you who the real winner is when we get into the ring Sunday Night at Vengeance! You didn’t want me in your match-up, eh? I can totally understand that because who would want this mass force of awesomeness in the ring facing off against them? No one in their right mind, and yes, Mike Awesome, I am the mass force of awesomeness, not you! You might have the last name, but names mean shit when you walk into the ring with me! And yeah, Benoit, I’ll allow you to say that you’ve beaten me before, because although it was a lucky and unfair match, you still won it, but as soon as I hit you with the F-5 you’ll have nothing else to comment about except the fact, that you got your ass beat by the Next Big Thing! Benoit, you say that Awesome’s title reign was short? What about yours? It was only long because you took a vacation as soon as you won the title! That’s why? What kind of champion is that? Wins the title and leaves so he can’t face anyone and LOSE it! And I think your first match back for the title what did you do? You lost! And about the factor business, yes, I will be a big factor, and I mean big, ‘cause c’mon, look at the size of me! And as I have stated before I will be the damn deciding factor, because I’ll win the whole damn thing! More than you will be able to talk about Benoit. Y’know what, after the match, your LUCKY if you even are able to talk! So we WILL see about that Benoit, we will! And you must think your funny commenting on how I will be no more important than the commentators… you think that’s funny… well, it isn’t… you want to know what is… the thought of you with the Undisputed Title! HaHaHa! Your focus can be on Mike Awesome all you want, but regardless of how well or how bad you’ll be doing trying to beat the living crap out of each other, I’ll always be there to break it up… AND F-5 BOTH YOUR ASSES BACK TO INDIA! Alright?!?! And you say we were forced to leave from the Inner Circle crap… the fact alone that I am in the Undisputed Title Match should be enough factual proof for you, okay Benoit, or are you too thick headed to understand that? It’s a simple concept, just not that simple for you to grasp I presume. Now as far as your statement goes saying I fled to Stephanie McMahon’s Dominant Army, well, the only reason I did that was to get back at Mr. Bagwell there, and C’mon Benoit, look at Steph, unless you steer in the other direction! And about you saying I was forced to leave that stable too… if you don’t remember, I left them, because I wanted to fight you and Awesome alone! I knew they would have came to the ring and supported me, and you guys would have called it cheats or something even when they didn’t do anything, so I decided to make sure I am not called for cheating when I am not, by stepping out of the stable, and coming to the ring alone to kick the living crap out of you! But not, your next statement seems to prove in my mind, that your retarded! You say ‘I miss Vince Russo, I miss the Inner Circle, and I miss being alongside The Canadian Crippler’ or something or another like that! WHAT? Chris, if you don’t remember, I WAS the Inner Circle! Christ, during the war games match-up who won the whole damn thing for Team Inner Circle? Was it Mike Awesome? No! Was It Chris Benoit? No! Was It THE NEXT BIG THING Brock Lesnar? Yes! So you see guys, I kicked out three of ECWO_WCF©’s Best! And now Benoit, you say I miss Being along side the Canadian Crippler? The only person I miss being alongside is my old NCAA wrestling partner, and that was someone you don’t even know about! Now as far as you not respecting me and you not respecting Mike Awesome, I don’t give a damn, because I don’t want the respect of a cheep ass pansy! You say you’ll respect me when I win the Undisputed title? Oh Chris, I’ll Do That! But now, more importantly, you say you will respect me when I PROVE YOU WRONG? Oh Chris… YOU BETTER BET YOUR LIFE ON IT, THAT IS SOMETHING I WILL DO, AND WHEN I DO IT I’LL DO IT WITH STYLE GRACE, JUST TO SEE THAT LOOK ON YOUR FACE! Why? BECAUSE I AM THE NEXT BIG THING…!!!???!!!

*** With that said, the Cameraman says Thank-You to Brock Lesnar and parts his way, and walks up to other various WCF Superstars… ***