Name: Brock Lesnar Height: 6'5" Weight: 295 lbs. From: Webster, SD

Win/Loss/Draw Record Titles Held People Used People Mentioned Location of Roleplay OOC Comment
Singles = 10/4/0

Tag Team = 1/0/0

WCF World Champion, WCF Tag-Team Champion Brock Lesnar, Stephanie McMahon Mike Awesome, Chris Benoit WCF Smackdown Arena Pay-Per-View Roleplay # 1



*** Brock Lesnar is seen walking through the WCF halls and sees Stephanie McMahon come out of the door. The meet in the hallway ***

[Stephanie McMahon] Hey Brock… how’s it going?

Hey Steph, I’m pretty good, how about yourself?

[Stephanie McMahon] I’m alright… I really can’t complain!

Cool, Cool! Where you headed?

[Stephanie McMahon] To my office, how about you?

Just to the ring! I gotta’ go talk about my world title match against Mike NOT Awesome, and The Canadian Crappler…

[Stephanie McMahon] Yes… I see… I see! Well, Good Luck in that match…

Well, thanks Steph… I’ll Bring That Damn Title To the Domina… Oh Wait… I’m not in it anymore!

[Stephanie McMahon] HaHa! Anyways, I’m not glad you left, but I sure am glad that you left on good terms!

Oh yeah, about that, if you or anyone in the Dominant Army need anything you know who to ask, ok?

[Stephanie McMahon] Yeah… ok. Likewise…

Don’t worry Steph, I don’t NEED help! I’ll prove that when I win that damn World Title!

[Stephanie McMahon] You go make me proud!


*** Brock Lesnar winks at Stephanie McMahon pats her in the back and heads off… ***


*** The Jackhammer Sounds and the lights all dim, except for a few blue and yellow ones near the front. They just shine brighter. Out walks Brock Lesnar wearing his black wrestling trunks and a split tank-top with his picture of him with the World Title on it! He walks right out to the ring, and get’s a microphone from Lillian Garcia… ***

Well… Well… Well! It seems that I have been placed in the main event for the next Pay-Per-View Vengeance against that Canadian Crappler Chris Benoit, and the new Undisputed World Champion, Mike “Not-So” Awesome! Mike, I’ll give you this, you did beat Chris Benoit to become the World Champion, but duh, like it was a difficult task? No! Mike, I used to think you were good, I use to, seriously, but now, your just crap in my eyes! Me & you, we wrestled one match together and that match was a tag-team match, and during that match, we won the tag-team titles. We haven’t fought any other matches, but since I left that dork Vince Russo, I got my half of the title stripped from me, and it was given to Chris Benoit! Now Chris, do you say winning the tag-team titles is an accomplishment? No! It’s not! You want to know who it’s not? Because you DIDN’T WIN it! I won that damn title for you, so don’t you dare come out here saying that you are better than me. You might have beaten me in our last match at the last pay-per-view, King of the Ring, but that was a long time ago, and it was only a lucky fluke that you won! Yeah, Now Chris Benoit, you’ve already been out here to talk about our match, but I haven’t so now, it my turn buddy, and what I have to say sure as hell wont please such a pussy like you! First off, you call me a Loser? What the hell? Who in the blue hell do you think you are calling me, Brock Lesnar, a loser? I am an NCAA champion dammit, and here we have some Crippled little Canadian boy calling me a loser! Please Chris, I’ll show you exactly who the loser is on Sunday Night at Vengeance! Then secondly, you say I have no chance in defeating you? What the hell are you smoking boy? I am Brock Lesnar! I can beat anyone and everyone in this federation all in one night! I’ve beaten three men in just one match in the war games match taking out not only The Undertaker, but also The Rock and Hulk Hogan! Chris, can you seriously say you’ve done that before? I don’t think so buddy! Three men in one match all down the drain! I finished them off almost as fast as I’ll finish you off! And now, you stood here before saying that the title will be back where it belongs, with it’s rightful owner you… WHAT? What in the name of God makes you think that? Are you messed up in the head? Now, you might have said that you lost the Nitro! Match on purpose because a two-time champion sounds better than a one-time champion, but are you retarded? If you hadn’t of lost your match you wouldn’t have had to deal with two men in the ring, just me, because unlike you, when I lost my title, I didn’t get an automatic number one contenders spot or even a rematch, I had to wrestle Kevin Nash for that spot, and now that I have that spot, I’m not going to give it away! Now, I know that you and Mike Awesome used to be friends, and now your bitter enemies, but yeah, guess what, I don’t care! If I’m stepping in between of a feud, sorry, but I’m only doing it to get that title around my waist! And that’s exactly what I’ll do! And look, you saying that I will not be a factor in this match? Another misconception, because I will be a HUGE factor in this match! I’ll be the winning factor! So, you just remember that! Now, my last item on my agenda today is the fact of Mike Awesome. Mike, you won the title and overcame Chris Benoit, and even me, since I got involved and took down both of you, and I commend you on that, but let me just tell you one thing, you are no match for me, and I sure as hell will beat the living day lights out of you when we get into the match… Brock Lesnar vs. Mike Awesome vs. some shitty ass Benoit… Mike, we were tag-team partners, we were friends… and I think I can still say we have common respect, but what I can’t say, is that I respect you for having that title, because the one thing I respect is, that title coming around my waist, and I just can’t wait until Sunday night to win it! Mike, you can rant and rave on all you want about being on top in this federation and the good old ECWO days, but look, I wasn’t around then in the ECWO, so I didn’t have a chance to win those titles that you did, but if I was around back then, I would have surely beat the living snot out of you for them, just like I’ll do Sunday Night! Yes, we were partners, and the fact now stands that we are not, but guess what? I’d say we were the best damn tag-team ever, because we were undefeated, why? Because I was the main man in that team! Not you, me! And look, Mike, you’ve had every gimmick imaginable… you’ve been the gay hardcore guy… the gay 70’s guy… the gay Canadian guy… the gay forgotten guy… hell I think you were ever the gay stain remover guy, but the fact is that you were gay and nothing at the same time! Now you can say that I was the one who was staying on Russo’s and Stephanie’s good side, but I made those choices… Sure I chose to join Russo, but I also chose to leave… unlike you… who got his ass kicked out of the group! And yeah I chose to join Stephanie… why… well, c’mon look at her! That’s why I choose to join her… and again, I chose to leave… I never got my ass beaten out of the group! And now Mike, I’m singles, no stable-mates, no nothing! Just alone! And that’s how I’m going to bring the title back home… alone! I don’t need anyone’s help to win the title except my own! And yeah, it’ll work because look at my and look at my muscles! Now you might say that “You’re the legend, and I’m the rookie” and seeing as how that might be true it doesn’t matter! All that means is that I have more youth then you, and with that youth, I turn it into strength to use for your ass whoppin’! So Mike, you might have said it wont be an easy win for me, but guess what? It’ll be a win none-the-less! So Boyz… Get Ready To Be Rocked By… THE NEXT BIG THING!!!

*** With that said all the fans go crazy in a sea of cheers and also a sea of boos. It seems like a mixed reaction by all the fan. Brock Lesnar’s music hits as Brock Lesnar drops his microphone and exits the ring… ***