Name: Brock Lesnar Height: 6'5" Weight: 295 lbs. From: Webster, SD

Win/Loss/Draw Record Titles Held People Used People Mentioned Location of Roleplay OOC Comment
Singles = 10/3/0

Tag Team = 1/0/0

WCF World Champion, WCF Tag-Team Champion Brock Lesnar, Tazz Hulk Hogan WCF Velocity Arena Velocity Roleplay # 2



*** The scene opens up in the arena where WCF will hold it’s first ever Saturday Night Velocity event. Tazz is standing in the ring when he calls out Brock Lesnar to do an interview with him… ***

[Tazz] WCF fans, Welcome to the arena WCF will be holding it’s first ever Saturday Night Velocity Card in! I, Tazz, being the interviewer scheduled for Today, have asked the man, who will be participating in the steel cage match, in the Main Event of Velocity, for the Intercontinental Title, against none other than “American Made” Hulk Hogan… BROCK “THE NEXT BIG THING” LESNAR…

*** Brock Lesnar’s music hits as Brock Lesnar walks down to the ring, slowly looking at all the crowd and giving them angry faces. Brock Lesnar is walking down even slower to the beat of his music. He finally reaches the ring, walks up the ring steps and grabs a microphone, and steps right over the ropes. He shakes Tazz’s hand… ***

Hi Tazz, how are you doing?

[Tazz] Well, Hi Brock, I’m alright, how about you?

I’m fine… now let’s get to this interview I have things to do…

[Tazz] Alright then… Now Brock, as you already know, you HAVE been scheduled in a match for Saturday Night Velocity’s main event! How do you feel about being scheduled for this Saturday…???

Well, Tazz, Tazzmaniac, quite frankly, it doesn’t bother me one bit, because I know that no matter what, all it will do it put another win on my impressive record! I can beat whoever my opponent is, and my opponent being Hulk Hogan makes it evens sweeter, because I’ve faced him a total of two times in one-on-one matches, and he came away with a fluke victory in one of them, while I totally dominated the others, and yeah, we did meet once in the Inner Circle vs. ECWO_WCF© War Games match up, where I not only took you out, but I also took out The Rock, and The Undertaker! Those are three of the top men this federation has to offer, and I took them down one right after the other! Pretty Impressive, eh?

[Tazz] Hell yeah! No one else in this federation has taken down three men single-handedly in one match to win it for there team! Now, speaking of Hulk Hogan, do you have any problems with Hulk Hogan being your opponent in this match?

Well, problems, no, I wouldn’t say I do have any problems, but concerns, per say yeah, I do have some. Some concerns, are that if I hit Hogan to hard, his brittle bones might crack, and then his wrestling career might be over. I don’t want to end his career I just want to win the match! But Hogan, I’m sorry, if ending your career is the only way I can win the match, then so be it! I’ll do it! I’ll end your career! You might have pulled a fluke victory over me, but you know, as well as me, that that is never going to happen again, in the next million years! You shocked the world, when you beat me, and it was our first match, I went easy on you, but If you saw, the next two times we’ve faced, I didn’t go so easy on you, and I beat the living hell out of you, and I’ll keep doing that over and over, because after that first match I know not to take you easily, because you can pull down some impressive moves for a guy who is older than this sport! Now Hogan, we’ve fought over and over and over, and I think that we’ve had a great feud in this federation, so I wouldn’t be surprised if we got nominated for best feud in this federation at the year end awards, and actually won! Now Hogan, despite us having a good feud I’m afraid I still have to kick the living shit out of you, because you are nothing to me, and you expect on keeping your gold, until after this match to face Kurt Angle? Well, Hogan, if you hadn’t noticed, keeping your gold until after this match, will have to result in you actually winning the match, and that my friend is NOT happening!

[Tazz] Well, Brock, speaking of gold, how will the introduction of the Intercontinental Title in this match change your style of play?

Now I wouldn’t necessarily say it would change my style of play, because I’m going out there to win, and win Is what I shall do, but let me just tell you that the influence of the Intercontinental Title into this match, does nothing but motivate me even more to win, because I know that with this gold, I will get the respect I deserve, because them putting me in matches like this one itself, against such washed-up old superstars like Hulk Hogan do nothing, but only anger me, and it seems that I need a strap around my waist for people to take me seriously! Hell, I was the world and tag-team champion at the same damn time! And guess what, right now, I am the number one contender to the World Title, because I beat the living snot out of Kevin Nash in one match, so Hogan, the pressure is on you, because even if I don’t win this match, I still have a match against Chris Benoit for the World Title, so just becoming Intercontinental champion too, will just be like the icing on the cake, because Intercontinental Champion is not my name! My name is World Champion! Intercontinental title will only give my minimal happiness, where as the world championship will make me very happy, but regardless, I will still pick up the Intercontinental Title, because it will look good on my résumé, and if I want to do something besides wrestling, I can easily get out of this hell hole, and into another occupation!

[Tazz] Ah, that’s very smart Brock!

I know, I know!

[Tazz] Now Brock, this match is going to be a steel cage match where the winner is the first person to exit the cage from climbing over the top! A problem for you?

A problem for me? What do you mean a problem for me? Look at the size of me, I can step over the top of this cage! Dammit! I am Brock Lesnar, no match is a problem for me! I can beat anyone in any match possible! I’ve done it all, and those little things I haven’t done, you better believe your ass I will do it! Cage matches! What bullshit! I can stomp right through the side of the cage if I wanted, and they think this will be a problem for me! Hell, my opponent is Hulk Hogan! With that guys age, I can have a nap and a coffee on the mat, and then climb up, and he’ll still be trying to climb up the side of the wall! Seriously, a cage match is a major death hazard for old folks like Austin! Seriously, he can’t do anything at all! The metal fencing will probably cut his brittle skin! He can’t compete with a man of my stature… in any match!

[Tazz] Ok, well that about wraps it up, any last comments to the fans, or Hogan?

Yeah… Hogan, your going to lose your strap to THE NEXT BIG THING!

[Tazz] Well, alright, Brock, thanks for coming out here…

Nah, thanks for calling me out…

[Tazz] Well, no problem, see-you later…

*** Brock Lesnar hands his microphone over to Tazz, right before his music plays again, he nods at Tazz, than walks over to the ropes, and steps over them, onto the ring stairs, and walks down. He starts pacing himself, and exits the arena, just as his music dies down… ***