Name: Brock Lesnar Height: 6'5" Weight: 295 lbs. From: Webster, SD

Win/Loss/Draw Record Titles Held People Used People Mentioned Location of Roleplay OOC Comment
Singles = 10/3/0

Tag Team = 1/0/0

WCF World Champion, WCF Tag-Team Champion Brock Lesnar, WCF Fans Buff Bagwell, Chris Jericho, Chris Benoit, Hulk Hogan WCF New York Velocity Roleplay # 1



*** The scene opens up in WCF-New York where Brock Lesnar is sitting at a table receiving autographs, alongside some other WCF Super-stars such as Kurt Angle, Test, and Goldust. Everyone is crowded around Brock Lesnar, Kurt Angle, and Test, but there is only one person asking Goldust for an autograph, and it just so happens that this person is painted in gold. Goldust’s only fan, eh? Brock Lesnar is asking the people questions as they go by… ***

Hey, you want an autograph?

[Emmanuel] I sure do! Your Brock Lesnar, The Next Big Thing! You are the former WCF World and Tag-Team Champion! My God, and you did all that in only two short weeks!

Hey, kid, you know more about me, than you know about yourself!

[Emmanuel] Oh Yeah, and My room is filled with Brock Lesnar stuff! I got all those posters! The WCF magazines where you are on the cover, and I even got your action figure!

Wait a minute, I have an Action Figure made of me???

[Emmanuel] Actually, it came out just yesterday!

And you already have it?

[Emmanuel] Yup!

Kid, you’re a chronic!

[Emmanuel] Brock, can I please have my autograph now?

Sure, but before, I have to ask you a question… Who’s going to win in the cage match this Saturday at Velocity for the Intercontinental Title?

[Emmanuel] That’s simple! Brock “The Next Big Thing” Lesnar will simply dominate Hulk Hogan in the main event, just like he’s done before, 3 times already! Brock, you’re going to bring the title back where it belongs!

Um… Yeah kid, alright. Here’s your autograph…

*** Brock Lesnar opens his pen cap and signs a few WCF magazines where he is on the cover for Emmanuel, and then Emmanuel takes out 12 posters, count ‘em 12 posters! Brock Lesnar a little bit annoyed, agrees to sign each one, and does so. Brock Lesnar signs them, and tells Emmanuel to shoo, so the next person in line can get an autograph… ***

Hiya Kid, do you want an autograph?

[Mark] I guess…

What do you mean you guess?

[Mark] Well, I really wanted to get Stephanie McMahon’s autograph, since she’s hot, but It turns out she isn’t here!

Sorry kid, she ain’t here, but your right, she is hot! So you want an autograph…

[Mark] Sure…

Ok, but before you get your autograph, you have to tell me who’s going to win between Brock Lesnar & Hulk Hogan in a cage match for the Intercontinental Title, this Saturday at Velocity!

[Mark] Well, I’m not really your biggest fan, but I know you’ll be able to kick the crap out of Hogan! How old is that guy, like 90?

Kid, you’re the coolest one I’ve talked to all day! So are you going to tune in on Velocity?

[Mark] Of Coarse! Why miss a chance to see Stephanie McMahon accompany you to the ring?

HaHaHa! If I want, I can hold her hand…

*** Mark looks at Brock Lesnar laughing and storms off before even getting an autograph. Brock Lesnar just laughs and summons the next person in line… ***

Ok, look anyone behind this little lady has to leave, because I am going. If you guys still want to stay Shawn Michaels, will be here in half an hour…

[Mizz Q] Oh, Hi, I know you, your Brock Lesnar! You’re an awesome wrestler!

Thanks. Thanks a lot! Do you want an autograph?

[Mizz Q] Of course! Why pass up the chance to get the autograph of the future WCF Intercontinental champion!

Now, your talking! So, who your favourite wrestler or Diva?

[Mizz Q] Well, I like Stephanie McMahon, Terri, and even Debra!

I see, I see! So, how old are you?

[Mizz Q] I’m 17…

That’s cool! You look like the type that likes to eat skittles, are you?

[Mizz Q] Oh My God, yeah I love them!

Well, if you answer this next question correctly, I’ll not only get you an autograph, but I’ll give you half the pack of skittles I am eating… fair enough?

[Mizz Q] Yeah!

Ok, now who is going to win in the WCF’s Main Event, for Saturday Night at Velocity, in which I, Brock Lesnar, will go one-on-one against WCF Intercontinental champion, Hulk Hogan?

[Mizz Q] That’s too easy!

What’s the answer?

[Mizz Q] THE NEXT BIG THING, Brock Lesnar! See, I told you! You’ll dominate that stupid punk Hogan! He thinks he is a Real American, but us American’s aren’t proud to even call him that! Brock, you’re a true American!

Why, thanks, but I was only born in the United States of America, I lived in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, because my dad had military work to do there… but thanks anyways…

[Mizz Q] No problem!

Well, alright, sweetie, I have to go now, but if you still want to stick around, The Heart Break Kid, Shawn Michaels will be here…

[Mizz Q] No thanks… Ok, bye…

*** Brock Lesnar happily hands over half his bag of skittles to Mizz Q, and signs a few posters for her, one which features the dominant army on it. Brock Lesnar then gets up from his chair and table, and leaves. While he is leaving he see’s Goldust and his only fan, playing Pogs??? What The Fu*k??? Brock Lesnar walks with security and leaves… ***