Name: Brock Lesnar Height: 6'5" Weight: 295 lbs. From: Webster, SD

Win/Loss/Draw Record Titles Held People Used People Mentioned Location of Roleplay OOC Comment
Singles = 8/2/0

Tag Team = 1/0/0

WCF World Champion, WCF Tag-Team Champion Brock Lesnar, Jim Ross Buff Bagwell, Lita, Test, Spike Dudley, Chris Jericho, Chris Benoit Brock's Locker Room Pay-Per-View Roleplay # 3



*** Brock Lesnar is sitting at his desk having when Jim Ross walks in and wants to have a chat. Brock willingly agrees and they commence...***

[Jim Ross] Why Hello Brock, would you like to start by addressing your matches live tonight at King Of The Ring?

Now, Iím Pretty sure that Iíve addressed my match with Buff Bagwell rather well, so tonight, rather than focus too much on Buff, Iím going to focus on my other opponents in the upcoming King Of The Ring matches later on tonight after I kick the crap out of Buff Fag-WellÖ Now, if and when I beat Bagwell, I will be subject to fight either Chris Jericho who got it easy in the quarter finals, Test who was a former stable mate of mine, Lita who I donít think will pass the test in the quarters, Spike Dudley, who I can step on, and Chris ďThe Canadian CrapplerĒ Benoit, who doesnít scare me one single bit!

[Jim Ross] Well, would you be pleased if you face Chris Jericho your stable mate tonight at King Of the Ring semi-finals?

I wouldnít really care, because God only knows that when I am placed in a match, Iíll do whatever I can to win, whether it be Buff Bagwell Iím facing, or Chris Jericho, or even Stephanie McMahon! A manís got to do, what a manís got to do, and what I got to do, is win, so Jericho if we do end up facing each other, letís put no hard feelings into this, and just have a plain old fair match, where I will come out victorious, because címon! You know, Iím Brock Lesnar! Iíve held gold before! You are still young to this federation, like I once was! But one thing setís me apart from you, I had desire! You have cockyness, which would usually bother me, but not you, you donít bother me, but again, a manís got to do, what a manís got to doÖ so Jericho, I wont hurt you too muchÖ Good LuckÖ

[Jim Ross] And if you win that match you will advance to the semi-finals and face one of four menÖ or I should say three men, one woman. Lita. How would you fell if you faced her in the finals?

Well, wowÖ A woman! I havenít faced one beforeÖ wellÖ except those three matches against Hulk Hogan, but I donít think he would count. Now as Iíve stated before, I donít care who I face as long as I win, and I know if I face Lita, a former Inner Circle stable mate of mine, I wont go to hard on her, because címon, itís Lita! She ainít no top-dog herself! I will totally demolish her, but I wont kill her. Sheís good to keep around, to send messages to people or something! She can be my slave, for sparing her life! Sheís just lucky I think sheís pretty, otherwise she wont last a minute in the Ring with the Next Big Thing!

[Jim Ross] Now, if Lita doesnít surpass Test in the quarters of the King Of The Ring she wont make it into the semi-finals. How would you feel if you fought Test is he made it to the finals?

Well, it wouldnít surprise me one bit if I did indeed fight Test in the finals of the King Of The Ring tournament, because he is a bright star, and he did indeed leave the Inner Circle as did I, so I know Test will cut it first against Lita, than against whomever he faces in the finals! Test, Iíll still beat your ass! Donít think Iím your friend, because Iím not! Iíll still lay a beating to you! If you can beat me, then maybe Iíll respect you, but you beating meÖ noÖ that ainít gonnaí happen! Iím too good for you! You can be a mini rip-off of Kevin Nash all you want, but Iíve beaten Nash before, so I know exactly what itís like to fight someone like you, and if and when I do face you Iíll be prepared! But will you be prepared? Prepared for what? Prepared to Lose!

[Jim Ross] Now, Test vs. Lita is just one of the quarter finals match-ups, the other is indeed a tough one! It has Spike Dudley taking on Chris Benoit, how would you measure upto Spike Dudley, if you had to face him in the finals?

How would I measure up? Well, for instance, look at him! That guy is twelve pounds! I can step on him and eat him for breakfast! And now, look at me! 295lbs. Of pure muscle! No one can stop me, and even if someone manages to, it wont be that little Dudley family runt, Spike! He wants to be called Spike? Iíll show him a Spike Piledriver so bad that his neck will pop into two pieces just like snapping my fingers! Spike is no match for my cat, let alone me! He canít measure up to meÖ and I say that literally! Honestly, if I were a father of a newborn, my newborn would be bigger and stronger than Spike! Please, explain to me how this imbecile got a job with the same company, the World Championship Federation, who have such excellent stars, like ME for instance!

[Jim Ross] Now, the last possibility of your opponent in the finals if you should make it, is Chris ďThe Canadian CripplerĒ BenoitÖ

Canadian Crippler? Yeah right! More like Canadian Crappler! This guy thinks he has talent? He doesnít! Heís another well possibility that I might face him in the finals! Why? Because he has his lips so far up Vince Russoís ass, when Vince Talks you can see them! Dude, your no match for me! You might make it to the finals because of your acquaintances, thatís why, not because of your wrestling skills! And you think your all good because you are one half of the Tag-Team Champions? No! I donít think so buster! If you recall, who won that title for you? Me! Mike Awesome & me won those Titleís, I solely gave it to you, and this world title, and youíre not getting it! This title is going back around my waist, where it belongs! So BenoitÖ Get Ready To Lose!

[Jim Ross] Well, Brock any last comments to add, or any last things to say to any of the King Of The Ring participants?

Not really, but whoever my opponents are.. BE AFRAID!

*** Jim Ross bids farewell to Brock Lesnar and leaves