Name: Brock Lesnar Height: 6'5" Weight: 295 lbs. From: Webster, SD

Win/Loss/Draw Record Titles Held People Used People Mentioned Location of Roleplay OOC Comment
Singles = 8/2/0

Tag Team = 1/0/0

WCF World Champion, WCF Tag-Team Champion Brock Lesnar, Alf, Willy Tanner The Rock, Buff Bagwell Brock's Locker Room/Tonight Show Pay-Per-View Roleplay # 2



*** Brock Lesnar is sitting at his desk having a chat with Paul Heyman when a call comes in on his cell phone. He get’s up, picks up his cell phone and opens the antennae…***

[Black Suit] Hello, is Mr. Brock Lesnar there?

Hello? Yeah, I’m Brock…

[Black Suit] Would you accept a collect call from a Mr…

[Alf] Alf!

Um… Yeah, of course…

[Alf] Hey, Brock? Is that you?

Yeah, who’s this?

[Alf] It’s Alf!

You mean that little furry guy?

[Alf] Hey! I’m an Alien, What did you expect?

Riiiiiiiiiiiiiiiight! So, what’s up?

[Alf] Well, I realize you have a match against Buff Bagwell and since I’m a vivid gambler, me & the family are making bet’s on who’s going to win!

Well, what’s the word…?

[Alf] Well, Me, Willy, and Brian got you down… But…

But??? What’s the But?

[Alf] Well, Kate and Lynn are choosing Bagwell…

What??? How can they?

[Alf] They did!

So why exactly did you call me? To tell me that?

[Alf] No! I bet a piece of toast on you, I want to interview you tonight…


[Alf] Well, Yes…

Well, where?

[Alf] Now, seeing as how I saw your Jay-Leno episode, I asked him if I could host my own version of the Tonight Show, and he let me! So tonight, your on the tonight show again! Well, that is if you choose to accept it!

Of Coarse I accept it! Okay, Talk To You Later On Tonight…

[Alf] See-you…

*** Brock Lesnar hangs up the cell phone and is all pumped up. Meanwhile, at the Tanner’s house… ***

[Willy Tanner] Alf, who was that?

[Alf] That was WCF Super-star Brock Lesnar!

[Willy Tanner] Why were you talking to him?

[Alf] I’m Trying to get stars for my show tonight!

[Willy Tanner] Oh Brother!?!?!


[Alf] Welcome to the tonight show! We have two guests for you tonight, Brock Lesnar, and well… some old man! Let’s bring out the old man right now!

*** Some old man walks out and sits in the leather chair beside Alf, and begins to ramble on… ***

[Old Man] Why Hello Alf, you know when I was in the army, we didn’t have Snow-cones like they do now… we didn’t even have hot-dogs, but did that stop us in Vietnam? No! Because we had…

[Alf] Okay, now your not important anymore… Ladies and Gentlemen… Stick around after these Commercial Messages!


[Alf] I would now, like to introduce to you, the Former WCF World and Tag-Team Champion… Brock Lesnar!

*** Brock Lesnar walks out with loud cheers, and goes immediately for the chair laying next to Alf’s ‘work’ desk… ***

[Alf] Fans, let’s have a warm welcome to San Diego’s own Brock Lesnar…

Oh Geez, thanks Alf! It’s great to be on the Tonight Show twice within’ three times I’ve been out! Man, again, thank’s a lot A lot Alf!

[Alf] Oh No Problem… Now I’m not that good of a host, so I’m just going to let you talk your brains out about your match with Bagwell…

Well, Alright… I Guess…

[Alf] I’ll just be combing my fur… So take is away Brock…

Thanks Alf…

[Alf] No Problem…

Well, folks, you see I’m fighting Buff Bagwell, the crappiest wrestler on the planet! And now, I did lose to him… for some freak reason, and I don’t care if he thinks it’s going to happen again, but he knows that I truly am amazing! He is just one jealous punk! And I’m going to teach that punk a little lesson to be remembered! He will never forget the name BROCK LESNAR once the Pay-Per-View is finished! I will tear him a new spleen! I will make him bleed badly! And once I beat him, I have bigger and better things to do, like win the World Title… again! Once I beat you, there is no doubt that I will win the whole tournament and be crowned the WCF Undisputed World Champion for the second time, an honor both of us have not get succeeded at! But who did you beat to win the World Title? Me… wow… I was younger, I was more feeble, I was a rookie! Who did I beat? The top-dog himself! The legend! The Undertaker! I ended his Two Month Plus Title Reign! Something which no one could do, other than me! And now Russo comes out here and says I’m nothing with-out him? Buff, I have done what no other man in WCF has done before! I beat 3 super-stars one right after the other, after the other! I beat “The Immortal” Hulk Hogan! I beat “The People’s Champ” The Rock! And Finally, I beat “The American Bad@$$” The Undertaker! No One Can Stop Me! Especially Not You Buff! I know my ways of Life, and that way of life is To Beat You this Sunday! Tomorrow Night, is the last time you’ll see things, because once I jam my fingers into your cataracts you’ll be left clinically blind! I’ll kill you buff, don’t think I wont! I’m not scared to stoop down to that level! I’ll do it happily, and you being the victim, only makes me even more happy! Buff, you better be scared, and if your not, you will once you step into the ring with a real ring rookie monster. Buff, I will make you wet your pants, once I show you my muscles! You’ll have the crap scared out of you, and then, I’ll smush your face around in that crap, and give you the Brock Attack, and once I give you my patented Brock attack, there is nothing left to do but wait… wait for the angel of death to come and take you onto a far worse place than in the ring, and trust me, once you get into the ring with Brock Lesnar, you’ll think there is not a worse place on earth, but all you have to do is wait! I’ll prove you wrong! So far, you’ve been too scared to show your jealous face around here, and I commend you for that, because a lot of people are scared to show their faces to the Next Big Thing, because they know I’ll tear them to shreds if I feel like it, and right now Buff, I’m feeling like it! This match, B vs. B… who will win…B! Which B… Brock! That’s Me, if your small in-competent mind hasn’t allowed you to access that yet. Now, I’m sure National TV doesn’t want me to bore them any longer with such a boring topic like Buff Bagwell, so Alf, thanks for having me on the show…

[Alf] Oh… Um… Yeah No Problem… So folks… stick around until next time…!!!