Name: Brock Lesnar Height: 6'5" Weight: 295 lbs. From: Webster, SD

Win/Loss/Draw Record Titles Held People Used People Mentioned Location of Roleplay OOC Comment
Singles = 8/2/0

Tag Team = 1/0/0

WCF World Champion, WCF Tag-Team Champion Brock Lesnar, Francois the Waiter The Rock, Buff Bagwell Cheesy French Restaurant Pay-Per-View Roleplay # 1



*** The scene opens up in a restaurant where Brock Lesnar is sitting with Torrie Wilson. Torrie is not his manager, he just met up with her and they had dinner. Torrie than leaves and the waiter brings Brock Lesnar the bill ***

[Waiter] The Bill Sir…

Thanks… Wait… there must be a problem?

[Waiter] What is it Sir…

This bill is for $300.00!

[Waiter] Um… Yes!


[Waiter] Because your order totaled $300.00…

No way did my order total $300.00!

[Waiter] It did!

Me & Torrie ordered a plate of Fettucini Alfredo, and a piece of Chicken, with lemon pie for dessert! That’s like $20.00!

[Waiter] Yes, you are correct Sir, what you ordered is worth $20.00…

Then, why’s it at $300.00? What the other $260.00 for?

[Waiter] It is the tip!

Are you demented? I’m not giving you a $260.00 tip!

[Waiter] But Sir, all the nice people give Hefty Tips…

Well, guess what Buster? I’m not a nice person…

[Waiter] My name is not Buster, it’s Francois!

You just don’t learn…

*** Brock Lesnar get’s up from his table, puts $30.00 on the table and looks right into the waiters eyes. All of a sudden the waiter get’s picked up, and chokeslamed so hard to the floor, his fake moustache came off. Brock Lesnar than summons for a camera to go near him. The camera’s were being use for a talent show… ***

Well, since I have a camera man in front of me, and I just beat the hell out of a French waiter, I figure I could shed some light on the King Of The Ring pay-per-view, happening June 30’th! Now, I, of course, won my qualifying match, and am now into the quarterfinals of this damn tournament to decide the World Champion! And After the Rock got his ass handed to him, and lost the match, almost getting his legs broken! And now I’m up to face that no-good jealous chump, Buff Bagwell! I mean, this guy get’s jealous when I go on Jay-Leno! Who does that? He made his own damn talk show, having people… or I should say objects like Mr. Vaseline, Mr. Hair Dryer, and Mr. Hair Gel, along with Mr. Korean Soccer Magazine! WHO HAS A KOREAN SOCCER MAGAZINE WHO ISN’T KOREAN??? Obviously Buff, because all you all know, he has some serious problems! Now Buff, you saw how I just assaulted that cheesy French waiter, and I have no problem what so ever of doing that to you also! I am not scared of you! I might have lost my title to you, but this ain’t going to happen again! The first time, you got lucky son! It was pure fluke, but this time! Ain’t Nothing Gonna’ Stop Me from accomplishing my goal, and that is to become two time WCF Undisputed World Champion! That’s a dream come true, and I’m in hand reach of it, and all your doing is making me mad, by standing in my way! You can cut it against the Next Big Thing. You are just annoying me, but standing in my way, and what I’ll do to you is frightening! I’ll snap you in half in you still want to stand in my way! I’LL MOVE YOU! I’m not scared to do such a thing, and by God, look at that French Poesy Waiter, over there! Buff, you see what I did to that Buster? It’s coming your way! It’s going to be as fast as a bullet, and you don’t have the mind capacity to dodge a bullet, so all you can do is sit back, and wait! Wait… wait…wait…wait… until BAM! It hit’s ya, and you’ll never know what happened! You’ll never let it leave your mind! You’ll know that your out of the tournament, and you’ll know that you have been rocked by the Next Big Thing! But until then, you have about two days to live to the fullest, because Buff, I know they will be your last. So now, I know you’re a little… Wait, A LOT jealous of me for being on Jay-Leno, so I propose to you this, I’ll call up Jay and say, that the Winner of The King Of The Ring tournament, and the person crowned to be the World Champion, will get a special guest spot on Jay-Leno! Happy? If you win, which is a small if, you will finally get your dream of being important! But… if I win, which is a big if, I will be a second time hero on Jay-Leno! Hell, I’ll know that guy so much, I’ll be calling his mom, just to chat! And trust my, I know Judy Bagwell very, very well! Hell, later on I might just get her to come on our here! So Buff, I gotta’ go, but rest assured that If the time comes I will be out here first to top all the rest… Why? BECAUSE I AM THE NEXT BIG THING…!!! I am very Big if you ask me! Bigger than you can handle! Later Buffy…

*** Brock Lesnar looks down at Francois the French Waiter he beat up, and he is still half knocked out cold. He walks right over him, stepping on his ribs, and leaves the store… ***