Name: Brock Lesnar Height: 6'5" Weight: 295 lbs. From: Webster, SD

Win/Loss/Draw Record Titles Held People Used People Mentioned Location of Roleplay OOC Comment
Singles = 6/1/0

Tag Team = 1/0/0

WCF World Champion (Current), WCF Tag-Team Champion (Current) Brock Lesnar WCF PPV Arena PPV Roleplay # 3



*** All the fans are excited, because the Pay-Per-View is less than 1 days away and many matches have been scheduled already. One match is for the Undisputed WCF World Championship, which features The Challenger Buff Bagwell going up against The Champion, Brock Lesnar, with Buff’s manager Stephanie McMahon Helmsley as the Special Guest Referee. “Last Resort” hits as all the spotlights go crazy with gold and blue colours everywhere. Brock Lesnar enters the arena and all the fans boo out of their minds. They all await him to get into the ring, and be quiet to see what the double champion has to say. ***

[Brock Lesnar] Look, I saw you come out here and run your mouth off about how you are going to beat me, and I can respect that because look, y’know, that’s all you can do! You don’t have any wrestling talent, so you gotta’ make a living some way. And I respect that you make a living, but what I’ll do to you tonight, is make a death! Death to You! You’ve got Massive Abs and Pecs and Biceps, or whatever else you want to say? But last time I’ve checked I’m the one with muscles bigger than your entire house! Now, Buff, you’re a joker. You love to joke, I can tell, but your jokes are lame!!! They’re lamer than the word lame! Man, your nothing than the shit that comes out of my ass! And Yeah, War Games! I won that damn thing! You lost! That’s the fact of the matter! You got kicked out… I didn’t! I won, you lost! Simple as that! You can try to stir around the matter all you want, but you lost! Nothing else to talk about! Your memory doesn’t serve you correctly, because if it did, you would have remembered just how I beat your so-called team-mates, and you wouldn’t be facing me, because I am better than you! I will leave tonight as the champion, and if I don’t, I’ll leave with something of yours! Something very, very, very valuable! I saw the Pay-Per-View card, and quite frankly, I’m mad that I’m not in the main event, but I gotta’ make the best out of what I got, so I gotta’ beat your ass in a time limit! I don’t have a teddy bear Buff. But once I’m finished beating your ass I’ll stuff you with cotton and make you into one, than sell you to a family of Mexican hobo’s. That’s right, Mexican hobo’s! You might be able to find your way around there with them, since they are much, much, much smarter than you! Buff, your not going to win this here title belt! If you were good enough to hold this title, you would have had it already, but since you don’t, don’t try to compete with me! I have two titles around my waist if you cant see! That’s one more better than you, and both these titles are more prestige than you title! I do not cheat to win! I do not need to cheat to win! It’s pure raw strength to win! Not cheating! And your baby Stephanie, better call the match fair and square if she wants to keep her beautiful legs! I don’t cheat! There is no trend about me cheating! I’m the DAMN CHAMPION! I HAVE THIS TITLE, YOU DON’T! That proves I’m better! I’d just like to see your hot streak! It cant be any hotter than ice! I’m the real man with a hot streak! 8 wins in a row or something! I’ve lost count after I dominated everyone in this damn federation! And, you say you’ve seen my website?? Buff, those are only girls you dream of! And don’t talk about my mother, because last time I checked it was your mother chillen’ in my house fucking my bird! That’s how desperate she is! She’s screwing around with my pet bird! Who is STILL more handsome than you! I’m so damn beautiful that if we add up all the girls you’ve been with, and subtract all the girls I’ve been with, the result it (-)negative(-)63, which means I’ve been with 64 more women than you! Since you’ve been with Zero! Or maybe at most 1, cause I guess one of your hands is female! He’ll you jerk off so much your hands name is ‘Palm’ala ‘Hand’erson! Speaking of Pamala Anderson, You cant have her! You cant have your shoe if you tried! Now, Buff, your even gayer than your momma’ told me! Hell, she said that your so gay, you fuck your pillow yelling ‘Oh Rico’. Now I don’t know who Rico is, and neither do I care, but I will win! I don’t care what you have to say! My point still stands! I will win! Nothing More, Nothing Less! Now, I don’t care about your jokes about how ugly I am, but the fact of the matter is that your jealous. Your jealous that I am so damn handsome, and your left as looking like nothing more than a crow’s shit pile! Y’know the pile of white shit? No, not the stuff I deposited in your mother, but the actual brown shit which he excretes, sorry the same way you talk! Now, you can talk about the Inner Circle all you want, but their truly nothing to me! I don’t need them, nor have I talked to them all week. I’ve been more concentrated on my match with you, which is strange, since your such an easy victim for me! I don’t need any help to beat you, nor do I need help to beat anyone! I wont get help to beat you! I’ll beat you fair and square, and with authority! I AM PHYSICAL EVIL! And I can sense fear! I can sense the fear in your body when you walk face to face with me! No, you are not intelligent. You have an IQ lower than a little pebble! Hell, your IQ is so low, it’s in the negatives! And look, I am actually scared that we’re agreeing on something. Steph is one sexy ‘bitch’ as she likes to put it… and I wont take her lightly, but Buffy, you don’t take her lightly either…! I do want you to hit me with the blockbuster, because the only thing that will do is, no, not hurt me, it will only entitle me to rent one movie get one free! You can say your doing it for no one but the fans, but the fans don’t like you, they like me. They might boo… but those are good boo’s! The fans know I am the next big thing and the next big thing will rule your ass right to the teeth! See, you even said Brock Lesnar’ is going to win! You might have said it in a joke form, but regardless of the fact, you still said it! And you know it too! And so does your manager Sexy Steph! And I will be in the Hall of Fame, but only for kicking your ass so bad, your great-grandchildren will feel it! (sure they’d have the be adopted, since your going to marry a man, but you know… ). Now, Buff, this is how smart you are… There should be an award called the ‘ass clown of the week’ and I’d win it every night? Very Smart Buff! It’s amazing that someone could win a weekly award on a nightly basis! Just extravagating! Make fun of me all you want, because tonight, I’ll shut-you up… FOR GOOD! Stephanie’s your main lady? My memory DOES serve me correctly, unlike yours, and she rejected your offer to be her girlfriend, or boyfriend, or what ever you want to be… Now, Buff, I gotta’ go.. but bye and HAVE A NICE LIFE… I MEAN DEATH… BY THE NEXT BIG THING!

*** The fans boo like crazy when they hear how Brock is bad mouthing Buff Bagwell. They all know exactly what’s in store for them if they don’t shut-up, so they shut-up. Suddenly, “Last Resort” hits by Papa Roach and Brock Lesnar walks out still holding the two titles, one World & one Tag-Team title around his waist. He is very proud. He has done what many in this federation will only dream of, and in his first 3 weeks too! He drops the mic, get’s out of the ring, and leaves the arena by the entrance ramp… ***