Name: Brock Lesnar Height: 6'5" Weight: 295 lbs. From: Webster, SD

Win/Loss/Draw Record Titles Held People Used People Mentioned Location of Roleplay OOC Comment
Singles = 6/1/0

Tag Team = 1/0/0

WCF World Champion (Current), WCF Tag-Team Champion (Current) Brock Lesnar The Undertaker, The Rock, Hulk Hogan, Stephanie McMahon Buff Bagwell WCF PPV Arena PPV Roleplay # 2



*** All the fans are excited, because the Pay-Per-View is less than 1 days away and many matches have been scheduled already. One match is for the Undisputed WCF World Championship, which features The Challenger Buff Bagwell going up against The Champion, Brock Lesnar, with Buffís manager Stephanie McMahon Helmsley as the Special Guest Referee. ďLast ResortĒ hits as all the spotlights go crazy with gold and blue colours everywhere. Brock Lesnar enters the arena and all the fans boo out of their minds. They all await him to get into the ring, and be quiet to see what the double champion has to say. ***

[Brock Lesnar] Wow, Buff, Iím Surprised You Showed Up! Man, I didnít think you could do it but you did! Now, you might have beaten the Rock in a match, but wow. Big Whoop! Heís nothing! Iíve beaten him before! Iíve demolished him! And Iím going to demolish you! And now, Buff, Iím not going to lieÖ You DO deserve a shot at the undisputed Championship, but one thing you donít deserve is having it around your waist! And you wont! By God Buff, You Wont! And you think that to win, youíve got the dodge big handsome intelligent guys like you, to quote your words exactly. First off Buff. Youíre Not Big! Secondly, Youíre Not Handsome, and Third, Youíre Not Intelligent. And Buff, Trust me, I know the way to win! Dammit! Look At the titles I have around my waist! Theyíre the greatest honor this federation has to give in not only singles but also doubles! Buff, Iím great! Iím on a hot streak and your going to get burned if you step in my way! Iíve taken out the best of the best! Iíve ended the Undertakers 2 month plus title reign, and I won the War Games match up for my team, by taking out three of the biggest names this federation has to offer. ďThe ImmortalĒ Hulk Hogan, ďThe Peopleís ChampĒ The Rock, and ďThe American BadassĒ The Undertaker were all no match for me, so what makes you think youíll be any different? You wont! Thatís the point Iím trying to stress here! Your no match for me! Iím too big, strong, and smart for you! And Iíve got these titlesís to prove it! What have you got? The Canadian Title? Wow! Big Accomplishment! Hell, Youíre not even Canadian! And you never ever defend it! Because I think if you were to defend it, youíd lose! But since you donít, that title is staying on you, just as my title will stay on me! I had a goal in WCF! That was to win the World Title! And I did it! In only 2 short weeks, I achieved my goal! That left me with nothing left to do! And Iím an evil man, so I joined an evil group, The Inner Circle. I took them to the top! I dominated this federation! I should be placed in the record books! And I promise you I will make it into WCFís wall of fame! Now, Buff, back to youÖ And you call me ugly? No, Iím not ugly! And Iíve got just the right way to prove it to you on Sunday Night on Judgment Day! Oh Boy, Tomorrow night is sure going to be swell when I rip your ass and toss it down a well! Hey, that rhymes. Anyways, I will go to the doctor, but I wont go get a new face. I donít want to look like the bottom of a horses foot, like you Buff. But what I will do, is go to the doctors and get pain killers, because once Iím done beating you, you can take them and that will numb most of the pain away. Yeah, youíre the underdogÖ Buff! And guess what? Iím 9 out of 10 cases the Underdogs always loseÖ And Buff, this ainít the tenth case! You will lose! Simple as that! Now you want to ramble on about how your going to end my hot streak? Well, if I were you Iíd step into the freezer, because itíll take a lot of ice to end my hot streak, but no Buff can end it! You want to cool it down! You can! But itíll still be burning hot! And itíll burn your ass right through the ring! Now, you can have your little girlfriend refereeing the match, but I really donít care. It seems as in all my matches I wrestle Iíve had a special guest referee, but Iíve still come out ontop! And in this match, but trust me Iíll still come out on top! Your right, Steph is one sexy girl, and last I remember, she said no to be your girlfriend! She accepted to be your manager, but not your girlfriend! It looks as if the girls CAN get enough, of your ďso-calledĒ Stuff! Now, Lumberjacks or no Lumberjacks, I donít need Inner Circle members to win! And Iíll prove that to you In a Special Way This Sunday Night! I donít need anyone to win! Iím pure evil! Physical Evil! Now, you can crack your jokes all you want but this Sunday night at Judgment Day, all Iíll be cracking is your skull! Come the end of the night, you wont be the champion! I can guaren-damn-tee it! Vince Russo and Austin may have came out to help me, but I didnít need them! I proved by dominating the whole match that I truly am championship material! That is why I have this title around my waist, not because someone gave it to me! Now, talk talk talk! Thatís all you do! Crack your ugly jokes! Iíll crack your spine into 3 pieces, and crack those pieces into 4 pieces each! Think of it! Buff Bagwell, New Undisputed ChampionÖ NO! It doesnít go! Some people said having Brock Lesnar champion was far fetched, but here I am! And I understand fully what your saying, but itís all lies! Itís all lies worse than your momma! Oh by the way, how Is she? Does she actually love you? Because if she does, sheíll be awfully mad when I beat your ass! Now Buff, your not a true Champion, nor will you ever be, so just step aside and clap your hands as I walk by, because last time I checked I have this title around my waist, not you! Now, you might think that the women all love you, but as Iíve proven before they can get enough! But theyíre lots of Brock to go around. Women love me so much, that when you go to ití shows all the women Iíve been with! And I donít need Heyman to accomplish anything. Sure, he brought me into this federation, but he means nothing to me! Heís actually making me very mad! Almost as mad as your making me by running your mouth and thinking your good! Buff, a train is a locomotive. The locomotion is an old song/dance, itís pretty gay, and since you like pretty gay things, you might just try listening to it! You want to give me the Buff Blockbuster. Hell, Iíll let you do it to me, for free during the matchÖ 4 times! No wait, 5! Okay, so thatís how I can prove I can beat you, and if you donít believe me then, Iíll show you why I am the champion! And I did find that Kid Buff, and I taught him all I know about wrestling, and now, Iím pretty sure event that kid could beat you! Oh yeah, by the way, I heard the poem you wrote! It doesnít even rhyme! And you call me an idiotÖ sheesh! Oh yeah, seeing as you get no girls, I can understand why you need a TV character to get your pleasure! Anyways, BuffÖ Your in for a wild ride on the outsideÖ BECAUSE I AM THE NEXT BIG THING!

*** The fans boo like crazy when they hear how Brock is bad mouthing Buff Bagwell. They all know exactly whatís in store for them if they donít shut-up, so they shut-up. Suddenly, ďLast ResortĒ hits by Papa Roach and Brock Lesnar walks out still holding the two titles, one World & one Tag-Team title around his waist. He is very proud. He has done what many in this federation will only dream of, and in his first 3 weeks too! He drops the mic, getís out of the ring, and leaves the arena by the entrance rampÖ ***