Name: Brock Lesnar Height: 6'5" Weight: 295 lbs. From: Webster, SD

Win/Loss/Draw Record Titles Held People Used People Mentioned Location of Roleplay OOC Comment
Singles = 6/1/0

Tag Team = 1/0/0

WCF World Champion (Current), WCF Tag-Team Champion (Current) Brock Lesnar The Undertaker, The Dudley Boyz, Buff Bagwell WCF PPV Arena PPV Roleplay # 1



*** All the fans are excited, because the Pay-Per-View is less than 5 days away and many matches have been scheduled already. One match is for the Undisputed WCF World Championship, which features The Challenger Buff Bagwell going up against The Champion, Brock Lesnar, with Buffís manager Stephanie McMahon Helmsley as the Special Guest Referee. ďLast ResortĒ hits as all the spotlights go crazy with gold and blue colours everywhere. Brock Lesnar enters the arena and all the fans boo out of their minds. They all await him to get into the ring, and be quiet to see what the double champion has to say.

[Brock Lesnar] My, Oh My! It seems as if I have myself two titles around my waist. Luckily, Iím a big guy, and I can hold two titles, but I donít think I can hold anymore. I now, have done what almost everyone else couldnít. I hold the most prestige Titles for both doubles and singles competition! Man, Iím great! Iím evil! Thatís all there is to it! Nothing more! And with my title win, it was announced that I have to face Buff Bagwell for my World Title this Sunday at Judgment Day, the Pay-Per-View. And I donít have a problem with that because, I know, Buff is no competition for me, so itís no skin off my back for me to face him. Itíll be almost as easy as facing the Undertaker and the Dudley Boyz were. Man, Mike Awesome and I are the Tag-Team Champions! Thatís this title right here for all you dyslexic people out there. And this big gold one here is the World Title which is better than anything youíve won your entire lives. Whether itís spelling beeís or hockey trophies, this belt right here shatters it all away! Everything is nothing compared to this! This here title, is what everyone in the Wrestling Industry dreams of, and guess what! I Have It Around My Waist! Not You! And Buff, your certainly not going to take this title away from me! Iíve worked hard to get it! Not too hard, but hard! And Buff, Iím going to say it again; youíre not going to take this title away from me! No one is, No one has, and No One Will! Now, onto the actual factual matter of Judgment Day. It is my understanding that it will be Me, Brock Lesnar, The Champion vs. You, The Measly Buff Bagwell, The Contender. Thatís Right, Contender! Thatís all youíll amount to against me Buff! And now, it seems your manager Stephanie McMahon is going to be the referee, and I truly donít care because all it matters is that if Steph is indeed the referee sheís going to be the one raising my hand, opposed from a normal referee. So, it really doesnít matter. Iím keeping my belt either way. And now, itís a lumberjack match! Whatís that all about? Shane must be really out to get me, because heís putting his henchmen, so to speak around the ring to beat on me when I get out of the ring, but guess what? Iíll take them all on! Iíll take on number one, to damn Number 30, if I want, so guys just Bring It! Iím Telling You Buff, Iím on a Hot Streak, So Try And Stop Me and Get Burned! Buffy. I really donít care who the lumberjacks in this match are, they are no match for the man-beast. You can have the entire ECWO_WCF Nitro & Smackdown Rosters, you can have the Inner Circle, You Can Have Shane McMahon & Vince Russo, Hell, You Can Even Have Osama Bin Ladin, The Fact is your not winning! Iíll defeat everyone! And when I say everyone, I mean everyone! So Buffy, I Have To Leave Now, But I warn You! Donít Mess With Me! Iím going to finish you off faster than the speed of Light, and if you try to fight, Iíll have to put you donít faster, because once the bell has rung, and everythings said and done, you will have been just taken to school by THE NEXT BIG THINGÖ

*** The fans boo like crazy when they hear how Brock is bad mouthing Buff Bagwell. They all know exactly whatís in store for them if they donít shut-up, so they shut-up. Suddenly, ďLast ResortĒ hits by Papa Roach and Brock Lesnar walks out still holding the two titles, one World & one Tag-Team title around his waist. He is very proud. He has done what many in this federation will only dream of, and in his first 3 weeks too! He drops the mic, getís out of the ring, and leaves the arena by the entrance rampÖ ***