Name: Brock Lesnar Height: 6'5" Weight: 295 lbs. From: Webster, SD

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None... Yet Brock Lesnar, Paul Heyman The Undertaker, WCF Nitro and Smackdown Rosters WCF Backstage Area Nitro Roleplay # 3



*** Paul Heyman is seen talking to Brock Lesnar backstage… ***

[Brock Lesnar] Hey Paul, where ya’ been lately?

[Paul Heyman] Nowhere man! I’ve just been in meetings, publicizing your soon to be World title reign.

[Brock Lesnar] What do you mean? I mean, I know I’m going to win, but… what?

[Paul Heyman] Y’know, the way I see it, is If you got the gold around your waist, I got the gold in my hands! You know what I mean? By gold in my hands I’m referring to money. This World Title win, will put us in the jackpot! I’ve already got T-Shirts printed out with you holding the World Title…

[Brock Lesnar] Wait a minute… I’ve never held the World Title before, how’d you get the picture?

[Paul Heyman] That’s the power of computer’s, my friend!

[Brock Lesnar] Oh okay. Where’s Jim Ross? He said he’s come and interview me about my match? Have you seen him?

[Paul Heyman] No, I didn’t, but I can place in a call to see where he is! Want me to do that?

[Brock Lesnar] Sure, Whatever…

*** Paul Heyman takes out a cell phone and pushes a speed dial button, and holds the phone next to his ear… ***

[Paul Heyman] It’ll only be a second… Hello… Jim? Yeah… Where are you? Brock’s waiting… Oh… Are You Sure? Their’s nothing you can do? I DON’T CARE WHO’S MOTHERS BIRTHDAY IT IS, WHEN BROCK WANTS TO TALK TO YOU, YOU COME! Hello…? Hello…? Damn, he hung up on me. He said it’s his mothers birthday, or something like that. So I guess I’ll be interviewing you, okay?

[Brock Lesnar] Yeah, sure…

[Paul Heyman] Okay, Brock Lesnar. Monday night you have a very important match on Nitro! Probably the most important match of your career! How do you feel?

[Brock Lesnar] How do I feel? I feel good… No wait… I feel great! I am so confident that I can win this match! No doubt about it! There are some things in a mans life which he knows will happen, and Taker, I know that this will happen! I know that I will win I know, because I am strong! I am smart, and most of all, I am better than you! You think you’ve been in wrestling +15 years? Well, maybe you have, but that means nothing when your facing me! How will 15 years stack up against a 6’5, 195lbs. Body? Look! I’m Huge! I am a monster! And Undertaker, I know that I’m one monster, you don’t want to deal with… but… since your stuck, and you have to deal with me, theirs nothing left for you to do! You better start training like hell, because you cant stand up to the greatest rookie ever to grace this earth. Undertaker… Tell me this… how many people have ever won the World Title in a federation and they’ve been in only 2 weeks! Undertaker? Can you add that to a list of your accomplishments? No! You’ve never held the most prestige title in only 2 weeks! Taker, you can’t cut it against me! I know you cant, you know you cant, Hell, even the little black dude working at McDonalds knows you cant! And it’s just a matter of time before I show you what I mean, and with showing you what I mean, I get a treat! I get the World Title! And that’s all I want! I don’t want to feud with you! I truly don’t! But… since you have the World Title, which is what I want, there is no way avoiding this. Not that I want to avoid it, since I’m actually happy fighting you, I get almost a night off with your crappiness, but I don’t want to start anything, because I don’t want to have to deal with a little twrip like you day in and day out, always beating you! I want different competition, and Taker, your not going to be the one to give me that! Your not going to give me competition! All your going to give me is the World Title!

[Paul Heyman] Well, Brock, upon winning this title, you will be submerged to competition in both shows, Nitro and Smackdown as long as you are the champion. Are you happy or upset about it?

[Brock Lesnar] Honestly Paul, I couldn’t care less! It don’t matter who you put me in the ring against, I’ll always have my hand raised in triumph at the end! And winning the World Title is just the first step! Some people would say that’s the last step, but when your as great as a wrestler as me, there’s bigger things in mind! Undertaker should be afraid! Very afraid! I’ll show him just how to wrestle, and to tell you the truth I don’t want Vince Russo reffing this match! I don’t care that he is, but I would prefer that he be not, so I can show you exactly what raw strength I have! But since he is, I find no reason not to, but some of the moves I do to you, like picking you up and tossing you, might injure him, cause you might go flying into him. So having a normal ref would be better, but I don’t care at all. I’ll still win! Now when I win, Paul, your right I will be subject to matches both on Smackdown and Nitro, and I think that’s cool. Both federations have their strong wrestlers, and they both have their weak guys. Let’s take a look at the strong wrestlers of both federations. First off, it’s Nitro, the show I’m currently on. We have the entire Inner Circle, which I wont fight against, I refuse to fight against my friends. We also have Kurt Angle and Stone Cold Steve Austin. They might think their all that, but they cant beat the man-beast. Other wrestlers are Chyna, Goldberg, and Hart. They’ve got nothing on me! Chyna, The Inner Circle has beaten you before when you were with Team ECWO_WCF, during the War Games match up last week on Nitro. Goldberg, you seem to align yourself with the Death Trip but you seriously cant cut it against me! And Austin, what? Your just a bunch of catchphrases… what? I said… your just a bunch of catch phrases… what? Anyways, when these superstars see what I do to Undertaker they wont want to fight me at all! Now let’s look at WCF Smackdown show. They have good wrestlers too. Some of which I had the opportunity to kick their asses personally in the War Games match up. These people are Hulk Hogan, who I’ve beaten multiple times, The Rock, who is a no-good candy ass jabroni, and The Undertaker, who I’ll give him another lethal dose of Lesnar! Some other future victims of me, are Buff Bagwell and Lance Storm. These guys might have chiseled muscles, but their not as big as mine! I think my pythons can outsize Hogan’s by meters!!! I think I am the man with the largest arms in the world! F*ck Scott Steiner, who is another man who I’ve beaten! They think they can match up to me? No! Just look, I’ve been going on and on about this same topic, but it never gets boring because I always add another wrestlers name to it, and it’s always the truth! I honestly think no one in this federation can stop me! I’m just too good! Undertaker, your just too bad! You can come out here every night if you want and plug your little interviews, but they don’t do anything! There’s no way you can stand face to face with me, and not wet your pants from the fear! Just ask Hogan, I’m sure he’ll give you a detailed explanation of what it’s like to get beat more than once by me! And Undertaker, your about to join that club! I’ve beaten you before! What makes you think I wont win again? Because I will win again! Now seeing as it is mother’s day tomorrow, I want you to do something! Do me a little favor, and I’ll go a little easier on you! Do you have kids? If you do, go up to your wife, Sarah, and wish her a happy mother’s day, and tell her she forgot her toothbrush at my house…

[Paul Heyman] Okay, Okay Brock. Stick To the Subject!

[Brock Lesnar] Ok, Sorry…

[Paul Heyman] Anyways, Brock, do you have any last comments to add…

[Brock Lesnar] Yes I certainly do! Now Undertaker, seeing as on Monday night you’ll be nothing more than the latest victim of my wrath, I have a few words to leave you with. Never smoke, it’s bad for your health, but of coarse that doesn’t matter, because you’ll be dead soon enough! So come Monday night You will have just felt the Wrath of THE NEXT BIG THING…

[Paul Heyman] Dumb Jim Ross! Always missing interviews…

*** Paul Heyman shakes Brock Lesnar’s hand and they both part off in different ways. Brock heads to the Inner Circle locker room, Paul Heyman leaves the arena and hops into a limousine and leaves… ***