Name: Brock Lesnar Height: 6'5" Weight: 295 lbs. From: Webster, SD

Win/Loss/Draw Record Titles Held People Used People Mentioned Location of Roleplay OOC Comment
Singles = 5/1/0

Tag Team = 0/0/0

None... Yet Brock Lesnar, Paul Heyman Hulk Hogan, The Rock, The Undertaker, Vince Russo, Inner Circle WCF Nitro Arena Nitro Roleplay #1


*** ďLast ResortĒ by Papa Roach hits as all the fans boo to eternity. Then Brock Lesnar walks out, sans Paul Heyman, and shouts to the crowd to shut-up. The fans take to action to this threat. Brock grabs a microphone from the announcers and hops into the ringÖ ***

[Brock Lesnar] First of all, It Seems as That Paul Had a Little Meeting To Attend To, So He Wont Be Joining Us Tonight. Secondly, Woah, It seems as if the Next Big Thing, finally got the respect he deserved! First he takes out three wrestlers single handedly in the War Games matchup, to win it for Team Inner Circle, and now he getís a title shot. It looks as if the World Title is coming to the Inner Circle, where it belongs! Vince, Boyz, Iím Bringing The Gold Home For Us! Vampiro has the IC Title, and soon enough, Iíll have the World Titleís, along with Tag-Team Titles with Mike Awesome. I Said Iíd win the World Title in my introduction into this federation, and look at where we stand. Hardly two weeks have even gone by and I will prove my quote to the fullest. The World title is coming to me! No one can stop me! I am the man-beast! I am the Next Big Thing!!! Now it seems as if I have to dispose a man, whom Iíve already taught a lesson. The Undertaker! Undertaker, I took your ass to school, along with your fellow WCF Smackdown mates, The Rock, and the man I beat not once, but two times, Hulk Hogan. I said Hulkamania would die, and I meant it! And Taker, you think youíre the American Badass? Iíll Take Your American Ass To School, And Show you how badly I can kick it! You lost the War Games match for your team! Thatís great for us, and you wannaí know whatís even better? I beat you to win it for my team! Look, it was like thisÖ You guys had Hogan, and two men left at the back. I was the last from my team to get on. If Hogan would have beaten me if was over. But no, the old fart needed to be taught a lesson, so I did itÖ AGAIN! Then The Rock comes out, acting all cool. But again, I showed him whose boss. Then Undertaker, you come along! You stare at me in the face, and I sense the fear in your eyes. Iím like a beast. I can sense when people are scared of me! And Undertaker, I know, you are scared of me. Youíve been wrestling for what, about 10 years, Iím a rookie! And Iím going to take your ass to school for a second time! Man, you must feel ashamed! Losing to a ring minor. Oh man, thereís nothing worse! And as Far as Vince Russo being the Special Guest referee, I donít care! I donít need Vince to kick your ass! I donít need anybody. All I need is my fists, and your in for the beating of a lifetime! Now, Vince Russo, Iím talking to you! I want you to referee this match fair and square, and I still want that Tag-Team title shot with Mike Awesome, I requested. Even though I will be the World champion, when I beat Undertaker, I still want to stick to my original plan, which was to Win the World Title, Yes, but also to win the Tag-Team Titles! Now Undertaker, youíve been in this sport for about 10 years, and I respect you for that. Now you must be thinking, Hulk Hogan is also a ring veteran, why donít I respect him. The reason is, that he sucks! Taker, youíre the World Champion, a great accomplishment in itself, but Iím afraid I have to take that accomplishment, far, far away from you! Now, once I have my World Title, and Tag-Team titles, you might ask, youíve reached the top in singles and doubles, whatís next? You really want to know whatís next? I want to be crowned the greatest wrestler ever to grace this federation, and the road to the top started with Scott Steiner, than Hulk Hogan, followed by Hogan again, than the Rock, and then finally you Undertaker, will keep on going with you becoming the next rung waiting to be climbed. So Taker, say your prayers, study hard, because you are about to be taken to school by THE NEXT BIG THINGÖ
*** ďLast ResortĒ by Papa Roach hits as Brock Lesnar drops the mic, and all the fans keep booing as they have done throughout the entire interview. The look around and see that Brock is getting very upset, and some stop except those stupid retard kids, who are very slow. Brock leavesÖ ***