Name: Brock Lesnar Height: 6'4" Weight: 295 lbs. From: Webster, S.D.

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None....yet Brock Lesnar, Paul Heyman and John Coachman The WCF Roster Brock Lesnar's Locker Room Introduction Roleplay


A commercial for Castrol Motor Oil just gets through playing and we go to John Coachman awaiting in Brock Lesnarís Locker Room.

[COACH]: Hello everyone and welcome back to WCF Programming! I am Jonathan Coachman, reporting Live from the newest WCF Superstar! As you know this man standing beside me, was in the WWF and he caused Havoc! Major Havoc, and fans, I highly doubt his stay in WCF will be any different. Folks, for all of you who donít know Brock Lesnarís power, he is mighty! Letís role a clip back from his WWF days.

The scene turns into footage from WWF Raw. Spike Dudley walks down to the ring, but what a surprise he will be given. Out comes one of the most terrifying men you will ever see in your lifeÖ BROCK LESNAR! He quickly gets to work giving Spike Dudley a few moves which would kill some men, and quickly puts him away using not OneÖ not TwoÖ but Three Deadly Powerbombs! Spike Dudley can hardly breathe. From that moment on, everyone knew Brock Lesnar was a force not to be messed with, and if you didnít believe it from that clip, weíve got othersÖ

[COACH]: Now, in a moment Iím going to knock on the door and give you WCF fans the first glimps of Brock Lesnar in WCF. Iím going to warn everyone now! This man is a beast! Heís more than a beast! Heís a Bully, and he comes complete with his little sidekick. So Folks, Here he is!

The Coach knocks on the door four times, as Heyman opens the door and walks out while talking on a cell phone while Lesnar follows him wearing just a T-Shirt and cut-off sweat pants. Heyman, of course, is wearing a suit. Just as they get on the set Heyman turns off the cell phone and greets Coachman.

[HEYMAN]: Well hello, Jonathan! I must say that you've done quite a good job for yourself here. The WCF, What can I say! You've met Mr. Lesnar, right?

[COACH]: Not really, but I was hoping I can get a chance to talk to him...

Coachman reaches out to shake Brock's hand but Lesnar just looks at it.

[COACH]: Okay, well....we should get down to business.

[HEYMAN]: Yes. Let's get down to business, Jonathan. Come on, I'm ready for it. Get all "60 Minutes" on my ass. Bring on the questions. You are the man.

[COACH]: Hmmm, well. Okay, the first thing I want to ask you about obviously is what are your intentions while youíre here in WCF Brock, and how do you plan on taking action on them.

[HEYMAN]: Okay, first of all, it isn't "Brock"'s "Mr. Lesnar" and his plans are simple. He wants the World Title, and who doesnít. But something differs between all the other World Title wanters and Brock. Do you know what that is Jonathan? Well, Iíll tell you. Just look at Brock, and look at the Others. Thatís enough information. And How heís going to carry the plans out. He will do so by beating the crap out of all the superstars until he is the World Champion!

[COACH]: Wait a minute. Are you saying, Mr. Lesnar will do whatever he can until he getís the World Title?

[HEYMAN]: Jonathan, my ignorant friend, Thatís Exactly what Iím saying! Brock is unstoppable, and just look at what he did in WWF! No One could stop him, and in WCF heís going to do the same. Jonathan, you should have known better than to ask those stupid questions! If you ask any more of those and Iíll make Brock prove what heíll do! But, since you asked, Iíll tell you something. Brock is not a weak man, and he is not stupid either. You can say Brock has got brawns and brains, unlike some of these superstars. Brock might be The Only Superstar, who can like a 500lbs. man over his head! Brock is a pure powerhouse, I tell you! Think about it, What is the strongest man alive going to shoot for? THE WORLD TITLE, and thatís exactly what Brock plans to do! All the Superstars, They FEAR this man and they know that he is the greatest athlete in this place by far. There might not even be a man who comes close to athleticism than Brock. There are only three guys that come close in size. Andre the Giant who is so old and immobile even Abdullah the Butcher can run circles around him, Rhyno who has power but is about four feet tall and The Big Show who is in the a no-story lined piece of crap! NOBODY wants to get in the ring with this man and that is a fact, Johnny-Boy.

[COACH]: Heyman, Iím not doubting you when you say heís a strong man, but I think some of the other WCF superstars beg to differ!

[HEYMAN]: You're even more stupid than I thought, Johnny-Boy! Ignorant too, like most of the people around here. Who is going to stop Brock! Brock is unstoppable, and Jonathan, for you, since your slow, Iíll explain what unstoppable means! Unstoppable mean that Brock cannot be stopped, so your statement about Superstars begging to differ is pointless! Whoís going to stop him? It wont be Kurt Angle. Neither Mike Awesome, or Big Show, or even Christian, and Chyna! It sure as Hell wont be Goldberg, Goldust, Helms, Kane, Nash, or Rikishi! It For Sure Will Not Be The Rock, Bret Hart, Hogan, Steiner, DDP, RVD, Booker T, Test, X-Pac, Vampiro, The Undertaker, Triple H, or even Storm! Jonathan, I Named Almost Half Of The Superstars! Whoís Left To Stop Him?

[COACH]: Well it's obvious what you think about almost all of the Roster, but is there anyone you guys respect in WCF at all?

[HEYMAN]: Johnny-Boy? Brock Lesnar respects nobody! Not Even YouÖ!

[COACH]: did I know you were going to say that? This question is for the man himself, Mr. Lesnar. What is your ultimate goal here in WCF?

[LESNAR]: .......destruction. To embarrass the so-called athletes of WCF. I want pathetic old specimens like Hulk Hogan dead. I want to be the one that kills them. I want to kill the scum and mediocrity in this place. With Mr. Heyman's help we are going to rule this place one day.

[COACH]: Well, that's....interesting.

[HEYMAN]: Yes, that IS interesting! Isn't it Johnny-Boy? Look at the pathetic state of WCF! Pretty-boy fairies like Christian and X-pac, old has-beens like Hulk Hogan and The Undertaker, fat pieces of garbage like Rikishi and little femboys like The Hurricane. Brock sees things the same way I do....this place is horrendous. It needs to be changed. The whole WCF is going to realize is when Brock Lesnar, schoolís them in the ring! Thatís what they need! They all need to be taught. A Lesson! A Lesson Brock Lesnar Can Teach!

[COACH]: this all about winning or what?

[HEYMAN]: If you think that is my only motivation you are a bigger idiot than I thought before. In fact, I think we're done with this pathetic show. We're outta here. Come on Brock, let's get out of this dump.

Heyman takes off and Lesnar stares at Coachman for a second then walks off looking at him. Coachman swallows heavily and looks relieved as Lesnar leaves.

[COACH]: Well, there you have it. Brock Lesnar, will make his presence felt!!! We'll be back after these commercials!

The scene fades out and goes into a commercial for Upcoming Live WCF events which you donít want to miss!