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The Legitimate Business Man's Club


Role-playing in Brisbane

When I told one of my friends that was in the rpg scene until his move to the UK that I was starting this site, he said 'At least you'll never have to update it!' That I hope will not be true. OK, so here it is, my contribution to gaming in Brisbane. We have pretty large scene considering the amount of population that we have, so I think that we should rejoice in this fact and get our heads together more often. This is my forum to do so.


First off, I have no intentions on stepping on anyone's toes, but there is essentially no forum that just caters to Brisbane anymore. There is also just too much stuff to be ignored! So any contributions that you may have to this site, please email me.

Hello there Brisbane Gamers! This site needs your help... tell your friends we are here! Tell random people in the street! We need more people looking and contributing all the time... make me work harder by having to list lots of people.

Oh, and the site is now listed on Google (woo hoo!) under RPG in Brisbane.


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Players looking for games  (updated 1-5-04)

Links to other Brisbane sites  (updated 1-5-04)

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The Legitimate Business Man's Club  

There have beenBrisbane Gamers here since 27th of September 2002


Please support this site and send me contributions, otherwise the project just won't work. Thanks.

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Last update: 1 May 2004