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-Online Games-
- Pimp Wars
- Gang Wars
- RuneScape

-Car Sites-
- Max Power
- Fast Cars

-Gang Related Sites-
- 2pac Planet
- HitEmUp
- Xzibit Xposed
- 2pac/Westsiders
- Mix Crib
- Tru Boyz-Master P

-Site Updates-
21/08/02 New I-Map up and running, j-Lo page completed and more pictures uploaded onto server...
1/08/02 Well I just found this site 8 months on and I have decided to re-design and change the theme a little, there will be lots of links still, but I will also be adding pictures and videos to download as well...
22/12/01 - Haven't updated in ages, mainly because I've been out drinking, playin pool or pimpin hoes. I'll try and get a big update in before New Year, till then get DRUNK!!!

-Page Updates-

  • J-Lo Page up and running
  • New I-Map working
  • -Download Sites-
    - DesktopGirls
    - KaZaa
    - WinAmp

    - Jennifer Lopez

    -Staff Contacts-
    Chris B

    You can help us by sending in links to sites with pictures so staff can add them