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Obligatory Bio Page

Every website, it seems, has a page where the site's author puts some percentage of his life online for the world to peruse. I have always thought such pages a tad narcissistic, but there is a part of me that understands people's curiosity. What kind of person makes a website like...this?

Well, as I have learned my lessons about revealing too much information online (and I have the scars to prove it), I will talk in generalities.

My name in this electronic Astral has long been Bob. Xaositect Bob, in truth, which is a multilayered joke in the planewalking community. I am a young man by most standards, with an amazing wife and two wonderful children.

I am a writer, as if you couldn't tell, and an artist, if you thought me plagiarizing another's sketches. I am a diehard player of Dungeons & Dragons and a solid Christian. My passions are archaeology and paleontology, fantasy and science and all the out-of-doors. I am going to return to pursuing a degree, and in the meantime, I make myself content being a tiny cog of a much larger machine.

Beyond this, I am defined by my faith and by the people who love me. Every man should be so lucky.

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