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The 21st Century has brought us the rapidly multiplying WOLF/COYOTE HYBRID which are much larger than the average COYOTE, along with an assortment of FERAL DOGS and COYDOGS running with COYOTE Packs ........... The genetic traits of the COYOTE allow them to easily adjust to different enviornments. I recently read of of COYOTES in New York City, and they have been in suburban areas of Texas, New Mexico, Arizona, Louisiana, and Oklahoma for several years ........... Having just returned from a south Louisiana Coyote hunt, there isn't any doubt the Wolf/Coyote hybrid is multiplying very rapidly. Of the Coyotes harvested, about 40% were around 50-60 pounds, and other indicators certainly inferred these were Wolf/Coyote hybrids ............ These Coyotes and Wolf/Coyote hybrids were fat due to the abundance of small game, but I've seen years when we have had Rabbit/Hare (Jack Rabbit) population explosions, and while the Coyotes were fat, they were not close to the size of the ones recently harvested in south Louisiana .......... Now, the Great, Good, Bad, and Ugly. First the Great news. Fur is making a comeback, so the prices of Pelts is coming up. The Good news. Locating places to hunt Coyotes and Wolf/Coyote hybrids are easier to find, as your average Rancher wants to keep the population in check .......... The Bad & Ugly is the Anti-Fur crowd and their buddies PETA. Don't under estimate, nor ignore your enemy. With Fur making a come back, certainly means they will again target the Trappers and Doggers. They seem to be taking their Agenda to the local level, as it attracts less attention, so WATCH OUT for proposed City or County, and/or Parish Ordinances pushed forward little old grey haired Ladies to County Sheriffs who are the local folks subjected to various methods of mind control to buy into their propaganda, then their "Front People" are local people well known in the community. How low will they go, well with Men "SEX" certainly isn't off limits, and just might be one of their best tools for manipulating Men. With Women, especially older Women, they portray the COYOTE as very much like their pet Poodle or Cocker Spaniel, fully knowing if food gets hard to come by the COYOTE will make a meal out out Aunt Bee's Poodle. Fight fire with fire through your local newspapers reporting Coyote kills of Sheep, Goats, Calves, and wildlife like Fawns, and the depletion of the Rabbit population.