Vampire Powers

it is stressed that vampires are all unique, as different as one mortal is from the next, however they do have some "standard" powers. These are:

Cantrip Vampires may use Cantrip at will (as 1st level mage spell).

Spider Climb Vampires may also Spider Climb at will.

Animal Form All vampires have the ability to shapeshift into an Animal Form, just which animal form varies from vampire to vampire, the player may choose a non-magical, normal animal that the PC can morph into. The change takes 1 round.

Gaseous Form All vampires, when dropped to 0 HP or less assume a mist like, non-corporeal which they flee back to their lair. This mist can only be hit by +1 weapons or better. If the vampire is dropped to -10 HP while in mist form, they revert back to their "normal" self and lie in a catatonic state until they can regenerate (which is covered more later).

begins with..fledglings gain power as they level up and age, but fledglings are significantly weaker than their elder brethren. A fledgling vampire does not gain new powers until he she reaches the appropriate level. (you will note fledgling vampires are NOT immune to weapons, they can be hit by any mundane weapon, though this usually changes very quickly as they mature).

Immunity to poisons All vampires begin with the ability to resist and ignore inhaled gases, and all poisons.

Dark Vision Treat as Infravision with 200 range.

Charm Gaze The vampire may at will, attempt to charm a victim by site, the two must lock eyes. victims of the opposite gender get a -4 penalty to their save.

Each vampire is unique, and most aquire their powers at random as they age, and as they gain level. To represent this every level the vampire gains 1 new power. Roll a 1d10, 1-4=Minor Ability, 5-8=Greater Ability, 9=Stat Increase (roll 1d6, 1=strength, 2=con, 3=dex,4=wis,5=int, 6=cha. then roll 1d2 to see the amount it is raised, this is permanant.). 10=Supernatural Ability is gained. Consult the charts below. To represent that a vampire may strive towards a specific power, for each NWP a player allocates to the "Power Development" Skill (unique to vampires) they may scale up or down on their respective chart by that many...for instance (Power Development: 4, Trelgar rolls a 12 on 3d6, he may scale anywhere between 8 and 16 by moving up or down the chart 4 slots.) there is no limit to the amount of NWPs a vampire may devote to this skill, but bonus NWPs gained by intelligence may not be used for this purpose.

Minor Abilities (roll 3d6 and add, reroll powers the PC already has.)

3- Innate 1st level Mage Spell, may cast 3/times per day, player must choose spell.

4- Passwall once per day

5- Dimension Door once per day

6- Charm While Gaseous

7- May Enter Blood Lust at will

8-Undead Master, Any progeny the vampire creates are subject to permanant Charm Person.

9- vampiric Touch (as per 3rd level spell) once per day.

10- Fear Aura: All viewing the vamp make Save VS paralyzation, failure means -2 thaco/damage/saves. Power may be turned on and off with a Cha check.

11- Improved Saves, Saves a permanantly improved by +d3 (all saves).

12-HP Bonus, Immediately gain +1d6 bonus HP.

13- Summon Animal: once per day, the animal type must be the same type the vampire can shapeshift into (see above).

14- Animal Summon I (as per spell once per day, any animal may be summoned this way).

15- Improved Senses: vampire can hear, touch..see at double the potency.

16- Caustic Blood: Vampires blood becomes caustic, any damage in melee dealt to the vampire, the attackers take 1d6+1/level of vampire in acid damage.

17- Charming Blood: Vampires blood "Charms Person" upon contact, save still allowed.

18- Increased Speed: vampires movement rate is increased to 24.

Greater Abilities (roll 3d6 and add, reroll powers the PC already has.)

3- Life Drain: The vampire may use "Enervation" once per day (as 4th level mage).

4- Terrifying: All who view the vampire must Save VS paralyzation or suffer -6 thaco/damage/saves. Power may be turned on and off with a Cha check.

5- Innate Spell: vampire may choose one 2nd level mage spell to be used at will 2/times per day.

6- Greater Innate Spell: Vampire may choose one 3rd level mage spell to be used at will 2/times per day.

7- Feed While Gaseous: the Vampire may elect to surround its victim while in gaseous form, treat as if the vampire were "feeding" see feeding section.

8-Animal Summon II (as per mage spell) once per day, any animal.

9- Animal Summon III (as per mage spell) once per day, any animal.

10-Greater Senses, the vampire's senses are sharpened to the point where he can detect the scent of someone who has recently been in the area, hear the heartbeat of a mortal, or see up to a mile.

11- Teleport once per day

12- Ghoul Gauntlet (as per necromantic spell) by touch, once per day.

13- Explosive Blood: the blood ignites when it comes into contact with the air, causing 1d8 +2 damage/level to all within 30 feet, except the vampire.

14- Claws: The vampire may extend claws, grow nails, etc...treat these as Short Swords (1d6 damage) with no init modifier, these are considered +1 weapons for determining whether or not creatures can be hit.

15- Charming Voice: Charm Person, but the two need not meet eyes, the vampire may merely speak soothingly to use the power.

16- Suggestion: Suggestions once per day.

17- Mass Charm By Voice: By speaking to a crowd, the vampire may charm and entertain, each person gets a save VS magic (opposite gender at -4), this can effect up to 5 people per level of the vampire.

18- Invisibility at will: The vampire may become Invisible at will.

Supernatural Abilities (roll 3d6 and add, reroll powers the PC already has.)

3- Stat increase (roll 1d6: 1=str, 2=con, 3=dex, 4=wis, 5=int, 6=cha. And then roll 1d6 to determine how much it is raised. )

4- Experience Drain: a vampire can elect to drain Experience with its bite, rather than blood, the vampire may drain 1d10x10 EXP per round the bite is held (opposted Str check to see if victim breaks free of hold). The EXP is permanantly transfered.

5- Improved Invisibility: At will the vampire may use the Improved Invisibility spell.

6- Resistance: The vampire's resistance (if any) to weapons is increased by +1. For instance if a vampire was resistant to anything below +1, it is now resistant to anything below +2. (if the vampire had no resistance, the vampire now gains resistance to anything less than +1 weapon) These weapons cause no damage when striking the vampire.

7- Improved Regeneration: The vampire's regeneration rate increases by 1d2. (if it had none before, it starts off at 1d2.) The vampire regenerates the total Regeneration score it has, per round.

8- Immortal Speed: The vampire may Haste itself up to 3 times per day.

9- Vampiric Rage: The vampire may fly into a fit of rage, granting itself +1d4 attacks for that combat per round.

10- Summon Gargoyle: The vampire may summon up to 1 Gargoyle (see monstrous manual) that arrives 2d4 rounds later.

11- Caustic Gaseous Form: By surrounding its victim, the vampire inflicts 2d10 damage per round from its caustic vapors while in gaseous form.

12- Stat Draining Touch: The vampire, by a single touch, may drain 1 statistic point from a target (the vampire does not gain this point, and the target may rest for 1 IC day per point lost to regain his/her points). Roll 1d6 to determine which stat is effected.

13- Control Undead: The vampire may control undead as if he were a priest of equal level.

14- Innate Ability: The vampire may choose up to one 4th level spell to use as an innate ability, at will Once per day.

15- Animate Dead: The vampire may cast Animate Dead once per day.

16- Greater Reflexes: The vampire gains +1 attack permanantly.

17- Spell Immunity: The vampire gains the ability to resist spells which normally dont allow a save. (treat spells with no save, as if they had a Save for 1/2 damage, or a Save to negate the effect).

18- Domination Gaze: The vampire may dominate (as per mage spell) a victim by gaze. Their eyes must meet for this power to work.

Level 1 vampires DO NOT start with any powers, they begin play with: Gaseous Form, Animal Form, Dark vision, cantrip, and spider climb. Thats do not roll for a power upon creating your PC, your PC only gains a power when he/she levels up (hence, you begin aquiring new powers from level 2 on) you do not roll for a random power at level 1. The only vampires that can begin play with powers are Vampyres or Purebloods.